TechProtectus USB Noice Cancelling Headset with volume adjuster and Microphone



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Ideal for classroom use—The TechProtectus Shockproof Headset is designed for student testing and assessments and is built tough enough to withstand the rigors of the K-12 environment.

Drop-tested and durable—The shockproof wired over-ear headphones are rigorously drop-tested for falls of up to 6 feet, so they stay in one piece in even the youngest hands.

Braided 5-foot cable resists kinks, twists, and fraying. It comes with a chew-proof cord that extends up to 5-foot-long, protects wires from getting damaged, and allows students to move freely, offering maximum flexibility.

Twistable headband-It made with a twistable break-resistant headband.

Comfortable to Wear--To provide maximum comfort-wearing, we adopt the soft protein memory foam to fulfill the ear; you can wear it for long-term meetings or calls without squeezing your ears/head.

Easy cleaning--Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and sanitizing

USB mm jack Plug and play--- No need for additional software or Bluetooth connectivity. Easy to use. Plug and play! Compatible with almost all devices that have a USB audio jack like laptops, computers, tablets, and headsets for pc (3.5mm to USB adapter available; sold separately)

Designed for K12 Schools--Custom colors and logos available