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System Configurations

  • Setting Up Operating Systems: Installing and configuring operating systems on desktops, laptops, and servers.
  • Application Settings: Customizing software applications to suit business requirements, such as configuring settings for email clients, office suites, or specialized business applications.

Network Configuration

  • Router and Switch Configuration: Setting up and configuring routers and switches to manage network traffic effectively.
  • Wireless Network Setup: Configuring Wi-Fi networks, including secure access points, guest networks, and ensuring optimal coverage.
    VPN Configuration: Setting up Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) for secure remote access.

Security Configuration

  • Firewall Setup: Configuring firewalls to protect the network from external threats.
  • Security Software: Installing and configuring anti-virus, anti-malware, and other security software.
  • Access Controls: Setting up user accounts, permissions, and password policies to control access to sensitive information.

Server Configuration

  • Server Installation: Installing and setting up various types of servers, such as web servers, file servers, or database servers.
  • Storage Solutions: Configuring storage solutions, including Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Networks (SAN).

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  • Hardware Installation and Repair: This involves setting up new computers, servers, or other hardware devices, as well as repairing or replacing faulty hardware components.
  • Software Installation and Configuration: IT professionals install and configure software applications according to business needs, ensuring that they are compatible with the existing IT environment.
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Leasing Services

Embrace the latest IT trends like virtualization and hyperconvergence to transform your business, despite budget constraints and rapidly evolving technologies. Balance your tech needs with your budget through equipment leasing. 9 TO 5 COMPUTER provides flexible leasing options for a wide array of IT products, including computers, telephony equipment, software, and servers. This strategy lets you access the latest technology while preserving financial flexibility as your technology requirements change.

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Managed Services

Managed Security Services encompass critical components such as firewall management, endpoint protection, and data backup and recovery, pivotal in bolstering an organization's defense against cyber threats. By entrusting these services to specialized providers, companies can leverage the knowledge and skills of expert security teams. This approach not only augments their cybersecurity framework but also ensures a dynamic and proactive strategy in combating evolving digital threats.

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Onsite Services

  • Network Setup and Troubleshooting: This includes the installation of networking equipment like routers, switches, and Wi-Fi access points, as well as troubleshooting network-related issues like connectivity problems.
  • Data Backup and Recovery: Providing solutions for data backup to prevent data loss and offering services to recover data in case of hardware failure or other incidents.
  • Security Services: Implementing and managing security measures such as firewalls, anti-virus software, and intrusion detection systems to protect the organization's IT infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Regular Maintenance and Updates: Performing routine maintenance checks on IT systems and applying necessary updates to software and hardware to ensure smooth operation.
  • Help Desk Support: Offering on-site technical support to address IT-related queries and problems faced by employees.
  • IT Audits and Consultations: Conducting thorough assessments of the IT environment to identify areas of improvement and providing expert advice on technology strategies.
  • Training and Implementation: Providing training to staff on new technologies or systems that have been implemented, ensuring smooth transition and adoption.
  • Server Management: Monitoring and managing server performance, including handling server migrations and upgrades.
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Invest in technology with confidence at 9 TO 5 COMPUTER, where we offer more than standard warranties. Our expanded and extended coverage options for almost every product include:

  • Faster Response Times: Reduce downtime with quicker issue resolution.
  • Accidental Breakage Coverage: Safeguard your investments against accidental damages.
  • Onsite Repairs: Benefit from the convenience of repairs conducted at your location, minimizing operational disruptions.

Our tailor-made maintenance contracts ensure expert support is always available. Enjoy break/fix agreements covering hardware repairs or replacements, keeping your equipment and business running efficiently. Rely on 9 TO 5 COMPUTER for comprehensive warranty options and expert support, allowing you to focus on your core business.

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eProcurement Services

Enhance your organization's efficiency with advanced eProcurement systems from Oracle and SAP Ariba. Simplify purchasing and support your hybrid workforce by automating operations, which allows your IT team to focus on strategic growth. Customize technology solutions to suit your needs, improving procurement processes. Gain better insight and reporting on procurement activities with integrated solutions and comprehensive tools. Start improving your IT spending and productivity today by scheduling an Integration Discovery Meeting to see how eProcurement can transform your procurement landscape.

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