TechProtectus ShockProof Hardshell Chromebook Case -Lenovo 100E/W Gen4



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• Tailored for K-12 Devices: Custom-fit for the Lenovo 11” Chromebook 100e/100w Gen4, the TechProtectus case is purpose-built to safeguard devices commonly used in K-12 educational settings.

• Maximized Protection: Dual-layer bumpers are engineered for maximum protection. An inner layer of shock-absorbing TPU cushions impacts, while an outer layer of tough TPE resists scratches, dirt, and oils.

• Shock-Absorbing Corners: Reinforced air-cell corners flex to provide unparalleled shock absorption, protecting devices from accidental drops and bumps.

• Scratch and Impact Resistance: The rigid top and bottom panels are designed to resist scratches and withstand impact damage, ensuring longevity in demanding educational environments.

• Asset Tagging Made Easy: Transparent top and bottom panels facilitate effortless asset tagging and device management, simplifying administrative tasks for schools.