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The "flat drum" scanner for prepress quality.
PowerLook 3000 rivals drum scanner quality with the ease of use of a flatbed.

The PowerLook 3000 uses an innovative moving flatbed hardware design. This proprietary technology allows graphics, prepress and publishing professionals to repeatedly achieve highly-accurate results with every scan. The PowerLook 3000 is capable of scanning reflective or transparent originals at 3048 dpi and a maximum optical density of up to 3.6 Dmax, detecting full detail in both highlights and shadows. In addition, the PowerLook 3000 features a dual lens design making it ideal for scanning small images and 35mm slides..

Historically, graphics professionals who required the level of quality of the PowerLook 3000 were forced to use more expensive drum scanners. These devices rotate the artwork on a drum in front of a fixed optical system. Though the non-movable mounting of the sensitive electronics offer higher quality, drum scanners are often larger, more mechanically complex and difficult to maintain. For these reasons, drum scanners are exceptionally expensive and lack productivity. The PowerLook 3000 uses a similar design where the fixed optics offer high quality, but you also get high productivity and ease of use.

Unlike other scanners which try to achieve quality output by manipulating the image once it has been digitized, the UMAX PowerLook 3000 employs a dual lens design which allows users to choose between two optical resolution ranges. One lens is used for standard page-size documents at a resolution of 1220 x 3048 dpi. For small images such as 35mm slides, a second internal lens is used to optically capture roughly three times more information enabling a scan at 3048 x 3048 dpi. Using a dual optical system is just one part of the award-winning design that allows the PowerLook 3000 to be the highest value scanner in its class.

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