Overland Storage REO 4000 Disk Based Backup


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Overland Storage REO 4000 Disk Based Backup  

Overland Storage delivers storage management solutions with unmatched performance, reliability and value. Our proven libraries, loaders and stand-alone tape drives are ideal for protecting mission-critical data. Plus, they are compatible with your existing hardware, software and networks, including SAN, NAS and DAS.

REO 4000 Disk Based Backup

          • 2-8 TB native capacity

         • iSCSI or FC connectivity

         • Tape emulation

         • Virtualized disks

         • Low-cost SATA disk drives

         • RAID 5


Whether you want to increase the speed of your backups and restores, simply add disk to your backup scheme, implement longer-distance, lower-cost disaster recovery solutions, or redefine the role tape plays in your backup process, the Overland Storage REO 4000 is the right solution for you.

REO 4000 is the highest-performing disk-based backup and recovery appliance on the market. REO 4000 eliminates the delay, expense, and burden of backing up and recovering critical data. It combines the flexibility, ease of integration and cost-effectiveness needed for immediate data recovery with the ability to easily move backup data to tape for long-term retention.

Fast, flexible and feature rich – in addition to high-speed backup and restores, REO 4000 delivers the ultimate in flexibility, providing the capability to easily customize the device for use in your existing infrastructure.

From an industry leader with over 20 years of experience in data protection, the REO 4000 is the ideal choice for IT professionals looking for a way to maximize the efficiency, reliability and affordability of the backup and restore process.

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