Kanguru CD/DVD Drives-Duplicators- Flash Drives- Hard Drives


"A Global Value-Added Distributor of new, used and refurbished computer periphery by a family-owned and operated company since 1979"
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Hard Drive Duplicators
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Kanguru CD/DVD Drives-Duplicators- Flash Drives- Hard Drives  

 9 to 5 Computer and Kanguru Solutions distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.
Kanguru CD/DVD Drives-Duplicators- Flash Drives- Hard Drives

Featured Products

Portable Flash Card Burner, DVD Player, CD Burner & Card Reader!
MP3/WMA Player, Digital Voice Recorder & USB Flash Drive!
Ultra Portable Mini USB2.0 Hard Drive stores up to 4GB!  Half the price of Flash!
Ultra compact, high speed USB2.0 Flash Drive.
Removable & External Computer Storage  Multimedia Hardware
KanguruData Bank
Kanguru Portable Hard Drives
Kanguru QuickSilver Hard Drives
KanguruMicro Drive 2.0
KanguruMicro Drive+ (Upgradeable)
KanguruMicro MP3 Pro
KanguruMicro MP3
Kanguru Micro CF
Kanguru Zipper HD
Kanguru Slim FC-RW
Kanguru FC-RW
KanguruMedia X-change 2.0
Kanguru CD Duplicators
Kanguru CDRW Drives
Kanguru DVD Duplicators
Kanguru DVDRW Drives
Hard Drive Duplicators
Kanguru Card Readers
KanguruMega Mouse

Security Devices

NAS/LAN Devices

Kanguru Wizard
Kanguru Encryptor
KanguruData Bank
KanguruMicro Drive AES


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