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InoStor; Raidn, LTO Tape Drives  
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 9 to 5 Computer distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

InoStor; Raidn, LTO Tape Drives

RAIDn storage protection for all your NAS (network attached storage) devices.

RAIDn Secured - for all your NAS (network attached storage) devices.


InoStor's patented breakthrough technology provides unparalleld availability and reliability without sacrificing performance or capacity.
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Network Attached Storage NAS
Innovative total solutions that feature expandable capacity with easy-to use features at an affordable total cost of ownership. Our PerformNAS, InteliNAS and ValuNAS storage solutions are designed to meet the demands of today's dynamic IT landscape with capacities ranging from 220GB to 2.25TB in a 2U chassis and can scale to 3.5TB with an expansion chassis. Our InteliNAS & ValuNAS solutions features RAIDn, Inostor's revolutionary patented technology, that gives you absolute protection against multiple, simultaneous disk failure. ValuNAS combines the high availability of RAIDn with the affordability of SATA drives, and now InteliNAS and ValuNAS include iRep, InoStor's integrated replication for higher data availability and reliability.


New! LTO AutoloadersLTO Autoloaders

Tired of hassling with manual backups? Need less time dedicated to protecting your data? Make life easy - backup automatically, stress-free, with InoStor's complete line of automation solutions. Choose from SLR,SDLT & LTO; we've got the technology and media you want with the performance & reliability you need.

Tape Drives

New! LTO Tape DrivesLTO Tape Drives

LTO Ultrium-based tape drives provide enterprise-level performance at an affordable cost. These scalable, reliable, robust drives provide the security you need for critical data protection.

With 3 million tape drives shipped the Tandberg SLR line of tape drives provide the most reliable back-up in the industry.



Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 6720

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 6720 w/SLR100

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 6720 w/SDLT

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 6960

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 6960 SLR100

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 6960 SDLT

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 9100

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 9144

Inostor Raidn, ValuNAS 9225

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