9 TO 5 COMPUTER: Global Value-Added Distribution of new, used and refurbished computer peripherals by a family-owned and operated company since 1979- international distribution of computer related spare parts and peripherals. 3COM, ADAPTEC, APC, APPLE, CISCO, COMPAQ, DEC, DELL, EXABYTE/TANDBERG, HP, IBM  QUANTUM, SEAGATE, SUN and other major branded products as well as a MAJOR focus on Mass Storage related drives, media, storage racks, tri-optic barcode labels, libraries, autoloaders, duplicators, jukeboxes, HBA's, JBOD, Raid, SAN, NAS and software solutions. Also offering: drive rental, repair, on-site maintenance, advanced exchange, and technical support.  When you need End-Of-Life, Discontinued, Obsolete, Legacy, Obscure, Proprietary, Customized or otherwise difficult to locate spare parts, call 9to5computer.com. We provide computer parts, discount computer parts, replacement parts, upgrades, storage solutions, discontinued parts, spare parts, components, end of life peripherals and systems. We provide new used and refurbished wholesale parts; hard drives, tape drives, SCSI controllers and more. Computer office products and supplies are our specialty. You can click on the computer manufacturer in the first section or click on the  category of parts you are looking for in the bottom section


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Panasonic ---Panasonic Computer Products

Paralan--- Paralan Parts Index

Parts Database

PDE -- By Part Number Index


PIONEER Storage Media and Backup Supplies

PivotStor Index 1, Index 2


PLASMON Storage Media, UDO Media, Magneto Optical Disks

Powercom UPS

Professional Scanning and Imaging

Promise Technology *

ProStor Systems * RDX is an easy-to-use, affordable, and rugged removable disk cartridge. It is available in several capacities, ranging from 160GB to 1TB, from leading manufacturers such as Dell, IBM, HP, Imation, NEC, and Tandberg Data. More than 130 Petabytes of data has been stored worldwide on RDX disks by over 250,000 customers, so organizations can trust that the technology is here to stay. The ProStor InfiniVault is the only storage system designed to balance the needs of managing increasing amounts of information over extended periods of time – Storage for Terabyte-Years. InfiniVault appears on the network like a NAS share, and users can always see and access their data. However, behind the scenes its intelligent controllers bring data into a virtualized storage environment that combines fixed RAID disk and RDX to provide complete data protection, continuous data access, security, and retention management throughout the data’s extended lifespan.

Proton Data Security-  Degaussers and Hard Drive Crushers

Proxim *

QNAP Systems, Inc. *

Qualstar -- Qualstar Tape Storage

Quantum Tape Drive List

Quantum Tape Autoloader, Drive, Library, Computer parts, Hard to Find EOL Parts

Quantum Tape Drive By Part Number

Quantum Tape Drive Index

QUANTUM Tape Media, Backup Tape, LTO Tape Media, SDLT Tape Media

QUANTUM VALUE LOADER check our prices quality 

QUANTUM VALUE LOADER for the lowest price

Quantum --- Quantum Parts

RAIDON * RAIDON Technology Inc. founded in year 2000, also a brand name “RAIDON” has established to be known for quality and reliable Professional Storage Solutions. RAIDON products has been distributed in high standard of manufacturing quality with unique product designs, providing reliable data storage products exceeding expectations for the image of RAIDON brand.

Rancho  --Rancho SCSI Products

Remanufactuered Toner Index

Revinetix -- Revinetix Products Index 




Salvation Data *, Data Compass Unlimited, Data Copy King, Flash Doctor, Data Compass Premium, Data Compass Standard, HD Doctor Restoration Suite, HD HPE Pro




Sony Spare Parts Index

Spare Parts Index Complete

Sonnet Technology *




Storage Media by Brand Name

Storage Media by Type


Sun Microsystems

Sun MicroSystems Computer Parts

SuperTalent Index





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