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GST Tape Backup  

GST Storage Innovation & 9 to 5 Computer distributors of data storage drives,
tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

Tape Backup

Internal : AIT-1 | AIT-2 | AIT-3 | DAT | DAT72 | Sony DAT 72
Single : AIT | DAT | LTO | sAIT | sDLT
Dual : AIT | LTO | sAIT | sDLT | SLR
Autoloader : AIT | LTO | sAIT | sDLT | SLR
Mid Range : AIT | sAit
Enterprise :
sDLT : sDLT320 | sDLT600 | sDLT1200 | sDLT2400
GST’s Enterprise LTO Library
GST’s Enterprise sAIT Library
GST’s Enterprise sDLT Library

A full range of tape backup and disaster recovery solutions permit users to match capacities, performance and features to their own needs for protecting vital data and strengthening disaster recovery strategies.

GST’s tape solutions use AIT, DAT72, LTO, sAIT, sDLT, and SLR tape technologies and are organized into families by type of solution.

Tape families

Tape families and basic descriptions are shown below:

  • InternalDR™ – Single internal tape subsystem
  • EntryDR™ – Single tape subsystems
  • SafeDR™ -- Dual tape subsystems
  • AutoDR™ – Autoloader for workgroups
  • GrowthDR™ – Compact midrange libraries
  • ScalableDR™ – Modular enterprise-wide libraries


Improved DR – Disaster Recovery strategies are strengthened with a Mirrored Backup function that simultaneously produces identical sets of tape cartridges with no performance penalty; this permits off-site storage of one backup set for DR purposes and on-site storage of the other set for rapid restore.

Backup Consolidation –GST’s Virtual Library Partitioning provides up to 16 partitions in a single 16-drive library to consolidate the backup of up to 16 servers.

Growth Path for Investment Protection – Modular design of single/dual subsystems and libraries permits adding drives, cartridge slots, functionality and upgrading tape technologies; field-upgrades preserve investment in the originally installed GST units.

Media Investment Protection – Support of all leading tape technologies protects investment in media; newer technology generations are both backward-read and forward-read compatible.

Real-time Operator Information – LCD Operator Panel continuously displays the status of the drive and job; library robotic conditions also reported.

Internal Packaging – Internal attachment of AIT single drives that installs with most servers results in a high degree of integration, eliminating high connection costs and simplifying drive containment.

Convenient Drive Interface – RS232 interface on both tape and library controllers enables applying firmware updates and optimizing drive performance.

Space Saver – Desktop enclosures offer light weight and small footprints to conserve valuable datacenter space.

Broad Connectivity –A wide variety of servers are supported with LVD (low voltage differential), HVD (high voltage differential) and FC (fibre channel) connections.

Service and Support – A variety of support programs provides installation and onsite service; includes GST’s Accelerated Ship Program (GASP) to get replacement units on the scene rapidly.

Warranty – Purchase price includes a built-in manufacturer’s warranty of three years. Extended coverage is available.



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