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Exabyte 215A 8MM AIT-2 Tape Library  
Exabyte 215A 8MM AIT-2 Tape Library



  • 750 GB native capacity
  • 43.2 GB/hour native transfer rate
  • AIT-2 Technology

Designed for entry-level applications experiencing increasing data storage needs, the Exabyte 215A tape library brings affordable, high-performance, dependable AIT automation technology to backup. The Exabyte 215A accommodates up to two AIT-2 tape drives and 15 data cartridges and offers the ability to conduct unattended operations for over 15 hours.

To protect the user's investment, the library allows users to start with a single drive and easily integrate an additional drive as their performance needs increase. The easy-to-use interface guides users through library and drive status, diagnostics and help functions.

Occupying just five rack units, the Exabyte 215A takes up very little space and maximizes the use of valuable data center space. Two units are mounted side by side in the rack. The compact size allows the library to fit on the desktop or on top of a server. Tape drives are designed to be field replaceable, allowing for ease of service and the ability to upgrade to future- generation tape drives, further protecting the user's investment.

Automatic backup with Exabyte AIT libraries reduces the risk of lost data and error-prone human intervention, allowing system administrators to focus on more mission-critical tasks. The Exabyte 215A provides the security of worry-free backup at an affordable cost.





Capacity: 750 GB, native/uncompressed
Transfer Rate: 43.2 GB per hour, native/uncompressed
Drive(s): AIT-2
Cartridge Number: 15
Access Time: 10 seconds, maximum

SCSI-2 Ultra Wide LVD (Low Voltage Differential)
SCSI connection: 68-pin MicroD


Robotics MCBF: <500,000
Drive MTBF: as specified by drive vendor (Sony)

Environmental: Operating temperature:
50 C to 350 C (410 F to 950 F)
Nonoperating temperature:
-200 C to 600 C (-40 F to 1400 F)
Relative humidity, noncondensing, operating:
20% to 80%
Power: Power: 100 to 240 VAC, 50 to 60 Hz
Auto-switching power supply
Average watts while idle: 55
Maximum watts: 96

8.65h x 8.63w x 24.10d inches (21.97 x 21.91 x 61.21 cm)
Rack height: 5U
Shipping Dimensions:15.9h x 15.0w x 35.9d inches(40.38 x 38.1 x 91.18 cm)

Weight: 42.5 lbs.
Shipping weight: 50 lbs.
Warranty: 3-year limited warranty; on-site service options
Certifications: UL, CSA, VDE, IEC, FCC, TUV, CISPR

215A-Plus, 1 AIT-2 drive, LVD, Ethernet, barcode, black, kitted

215A, 1 AIT-2 drive, LVD< black, kitted

Rack mount accessory kit option






Exabyte 215A 8MM AIT-2 Tape Library Wholesale distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

Global Value-Added Distribution of new, used and refurbished computer periphery by a family-owned and operated company since 1979- distributing internationally computer related peripherals on the new, used and refurbished levels. HP, COMPAQ, IBM, CISCO, 3COM, SUN, APPLE, SEAGATE, and other major branded products as well as a MAJOR focus on Mass Storage related drives, media, storage racks, tri-optic barcode labels, libraries, autoloaders, duplicators, jukeboxes, HBA's, JBOD, Raid, SAN, NAS and software solutions.

Representing storage media manufacturers like:
BASF, Canon, DEC, Dysan, Ecrix, Emtec, Exabyte, Fuji, Fujitsu, Graham, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Imation, Iomega, Kodak, Maxell, Maxoptix, Onstream, LMSI, Panasonic, PinnacleMicro, Phillips, Pioneer, Plasmon, Ricoh, Sony, Syquest, TDK, and Verbatim

Exabyte 215A 8MM AIT-2 Tape Library

9 to 5 provides cutting edge technologies from drive giants like:
ADIC, Archive, ATL, Benchmark, BreeceHill, Colorado, Compaq, DEC, Ecrix, Exabyte, EZQuest, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Iomega, Irwin, Kodak, Lacie, LMSI, M4 Data, Maynard Maxtor, Maxoptix, Micronet, Mitsubishi, Mountain, OnStream, Olympus, Overland Data, Panasonic, Philips, Pinnacle Micro, Plextor, Quantum, Ricoh, Rimage, Seagate, Smart and Friendly, Sony, Spectralogic, StorageTek, Straightline, Sun, Tandberg, Teac, Tecmar, WangDat, Wangtek, Western Digital, Xcerta, Yamaha

Exabyte 215A 8MM AIT-2 Tape Library

Including all major storage platforms such as:
DLT, AIT, LTO, SUPER DLT, Mammoth, Optical, 4MM, 8MM, Magstar, Travan, ", ", Reel-to-reel, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 9840, 9940, JAZ, ZIP, CDR-RW, DVD-R/RAM

And support peripherals, host adaptors, controllers, bridges, routers and enclosures from the leaders in the market with:
Adaptec, ATTO, CI DESIGN, Emulex, GadZoox, Initio, JMR, JNI, Qlogic, Slim

Exabyte 215A 8MM AIT-2 Tape Library Since 1991, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER has been providing such top tier products to corporate data centers, government , VAR's, resellers, OEM's, and wholesalers throughout the entire global marketplace.

Whether you need a Quantum DLT tape drive, tape library, disaster recovery solution, storage media, storage racks, drive repair, backup software or professional consultation regarding your storage solution needs, contact one of our tech sales guys today!!!!

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