Emulex analysts reports on InSpeed


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Emulex analysts reports on InSpeed

Enterprise Storage Group
"There is no intelligent argument that says having a non-switched back-end is better than switched, so it's merely a matter of money. . .Vixel has pretty much eliminated that concern." Duplessie said everyone who doesn't switch the back-end of their storage array will have to justify it to customers. "And there won't be any good answers."

Steve Duplessie, president and senior analyst
Enterprise Storage Group
Source Report: IDC Flash: Worldwide Fibre Channel Hub and
Switch Market Forecast and Analysis, 2001-2006

Data Mobility Group
"Vixel has made a smart move in selling its software arm and refocusing its efforts to the embedded switch and entry-level SAN markets. Vixel's embedded switches deliver the connectivity and performance benefits that storage system vendors need for the next generation of storage. This technology is available today and can be implemented quickly since it is a drop-in solution and does not require a code re-write."

John Webster, President
Data Mobility Group
April 2002


The Taneja Group
"You're getting better performance per controller, you're getting more drives behind a single controller and you're getting better manageability... How can you argue in terms of improving performance, improving scalability and lowering cost per megabyte? I really see a big, huge win-win in all directions from this"

Arun Taneja, President
The Taneja Group
Source Report: Switched-on storage Arrays
Computer Technology Review Magazine
June, 2003


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