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Emulex is the computer industry's preeminent source for a broad range of advanced storage networking infrastructure solutions


Major Features

                   Available to OEMs only

  • Low–cost HBAs optimized for today’s SMB SAN environments
  • PCI-X to 2Gb/s Fibre Channel delivering up to 400MB/s
  • Full fabric support with automatic topology and speed adaptation
  • cHBA API support (FC-MI) enables simplified SAN management
  • Onboard hardware context cache for superior fabric support and high transaction performance
  • FC-Tape (FCP-2) device support
  • Simultaneous on card support for remote boot support in x86 and Itanium (BootBIOS and EFI) environments
  • End–to–end parity protection for high data integrity

The Emulex LP101 family of host bus adapters offers highly integrated 2Gb/s Fibre Channel to PCI/PCI-X connectivity solutions for entry-level storage area networks (SANs) commonly found in small- and medium-sized business (SMB) IT environments. The LP101 HBAs deliver SMB optimized performance and features through the use of Emulex’s industry-leading Fibre Channel controller. The LP101 is a single-channel HBA in a low-profile PCI card form-factor that adapts to either standard height or low-profile server slots.

The LP101 includes the "AutoPilot" suite of installation and management tools that provide exceptional ease of use. Emulex’s "AutoPilot-Installer" wizard steps the user through the simple installation process. In conjunction with the included "Quick-Install Guide" users can complete installation and con-figuration of LP101 HBAs in a matter of minutes.In addition, Emulex’s "AutoPilot-Manager" provides a simple configuration and management tool for the LP101 HBA tailored specifically for SMB system administrators who are unfamiliar with detailed SAN terminology and don’t require the multitude of settings that are required in large enterprise installations. Users can easily monitor and perform any necessary mainte-nance on LP101 HBAs by simply clicking on the AutoPilot-Man-ager icon installed automatically during the HBA installation.

The robust features of Emulex’s LightPulse™ HBAs provide the flexibility and ease of use needed for SMB SAN environments. The LP101 builds upon the Emulex software architecture, which enables the independence of an operating system’s device driver from the underlying HBA platform. This exclusive HBA architecture is the foundation for proven reductions in the total cost of ownership of a SAN. The Emulex LP101 HBA architec-ture provides a platform that is fully software compatible with previous generations of Emulex’s market leading HBAs.

Choosing to standardize on Emulex HBAs provides significant investment protection. The Emulex firmware-based architecture provides the capability to update prior generation HBAs to cur-rent standards while leveraging newly released management capabilities and performance features.

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