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Emulex is the computer industry's preeminent source for a broad range of advanced storage networking infrastructure solutions

Emulex InSpeed

InSpeed™ Technology

Emulex's field-proven and award-winning InSpeed Technology is commercially available as fully integrated Fibre Channel SOCs (Switch on A Chip). Initially introduced in May of 2002, with a second generation of InSpeed made available in March 2003, InSpeed's significance for the storage industry goes well beyond it simply being a technology first. InSpeed not only spawned the new Embedded Storage Switch Market, it is enabling a true paradigm shift in the way storage providers design their storage enclosures. The fully switched storage infrastructure is now a reality for next generation storage architectures. And along the way, InSpeed gave birth to some new storage acronyms, such as the "SBOD™" (Switched Bunch Of Disks) --and new terminology such as the "switched back-end architecture."

Why the Need for InSpeed?

As disk and tape drive densities increased to accommodate the exponential growth of storage capacity required by end users, the "shared bus architectures" used to feed storage devices in the drive arrays increasingly became a liability to the RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) characteristics and performance of storage systems. Interim software and hardware additions such as port by-pass circuitry, or "PBCs," emerged and mitigated some of the more acute pain points inherent in the shared back-end architecture. But they did little to solve the serviceability blind spots or enable predictive health monitoring. Each storage device was still a single point of failure capable of bringing the entire storage array off-line. The most common drive errors still often required on-site service from the system manufacturer. Drive saturation, scalability limitations and system latency continued to increase-as did the costs and man hours associated with keeping stored data on-line and available to business applications.

What is InSpeed?

InSpeed technology is an advanced switching architecture coupling a non-blocking crossbar switch core with embedded SERDES and unique loop port logic resulting in a single, highly integrated SOC (Switch-on-a-chip) capable of handling multiple Fibre Channel devices in embedded SOC, blade and box environments. InSpeed is a field-proven technology that replaces the shared architecture in the storage array with a point-to-point, high performance switched back-end architecture and dramatically improves storage system RAS and performance and lowers MTTR and maintenance costs.

Common drive errors place traditional JBODs (Just a Bunch of Disks)
at risk in a shared back-end architecture

InSpeed provides drive isolation and enables ultra-reliable SBODs
(Switched Bunch of Disks)



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