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Emulex is the computer industry's preeminent source for a broad range of advanced storage networking infrastructure solutions

AutoPilot Installer™

AutoPilot Installer
The Emulex AutoPilot InstallerTM is a wizard-based technology that uses a few simple mouse clicks to guide users through the installation of drivers and management applications for Emulex host bus adapters (HBAs) on Windows servers. One installation session allows drivers to be installed for all selected HBAs, saving valuable time and eliminating multiple re-boots. After the installation is completed, AutoPilot Installer verifies that each component has been successfully installed, insuring that the each HBA is ready to use.

There are two versions of AutoPilot Installer. Each version is tailored to best meet the needs of the targeted storage environment. Both versions leverage Emulex’s unique firmware upgradeable architecture to deliver long-term investment protection that extends the useful life of the HBA far beyond that of competing HBA products.

“Enterprise AutoPilot Installer” is used to simplify and accelerate the HBA installation process in mid-range and enterprise environments --while accommodating the expanded set of considerations and scenarios inherent in this type of environment. “AutoPilot” was designed specifically for departmental and SMB (small-to medium business) SANs, and is simple enough that first time users can readily install and configure their Emulex HBAs. Both versions provide an installation experience that has been streamlined to reduce both time and complexity.

Enterprise AutoPilot Installer (for Mid-Range and Enterprise Storage)

Enterprise AutoPilot Installer for mid-range and enterprise storage provides customizable scripting capabilities for both interactive and automated installations. Seamless integration with Emulex’s HBAnywareTM centralized management software creates a powerful, yet simple-to-use tool set for the ongoing management, addition and upgrade of Emulex HBAs. Suitable for both blade and rack servers, Enterprise AutoPilot Installer provides important benefits to Emulex HBA users:

• Single executable file

Each Emulex Windows driver (Storport Miniport, SCSIport Miniport and FC Port) is available in an executable file that can be downloaded from the Emulex or an OEM web site. When the executable file is run, the appropriate x86, IA64, or x64 version of the driver is automatically extracted.

After the extraction is completed, the AutoPilot Installation wizard provides the option to continue with the installation as well as verification of the driver and management applications.

• One Installation for Driver and Utilities

Enterprise AutoPilot Installer installs the driver for all selected HBAs plus HBAnyware in a single process. HBAnyware is a centralized HBA management suite that enables uniform management of HBAs anywhere in a Storage Area Network (SAN). The combination of AutoPilot Installer and HBAnyware provides superior ease of use and lower management costs.

Standardized Driver Settings

Enterprise AutoPilot Installer uses a configuration file that can be updated by both OEMs and end users with unique driver settings. Although default settings work well for most customers, this feature allows unique settings to be standardized across the enterprise for both interactive and automated installations.

A fully documented standard configuration file is provided which can be modified for both interactive and command line installations.

• Interactive Driver Settings

When appropriate, custom screens can be added to the AutoPilot wizard, allowing driver settings to be based on the response to questions during the installation. For example, the LinkDownTimer value could be based on the response to a question on failover support.

• Unique “Software First” Installation Capability

The Emulex driver and utilities can be installed prior to the installation of any HBAs. The Emulex driver is automatically used by any HBAs that are subsequently installed.

• Scripted, Unattended Installations

This powerful capability allows Emulex drivers and utilities to be installed with a single command that can be executed in a batch file or invoked from the command line. The “apinstall” command uses installation and driver settings that are stored in a customizable configuration file. Installations can be done using a script file and distribution files that are stored on a local disk or a network shared drive.

• Replicated Installations

The AutoPilot Installer command supports replicated installations for multiple servers that are installed throughout the enterprise. Driver settings can be customized and then duplicated for all servers.

AutoPilot Installer (for SMB Storage)

The AutoPilot Installer wizard for SMB customers requires only a few simple mouse clicks to simply and safely complete an entire installation. Emulex offers SMB products through its OEMs who tailor the driver parameters for their specific storage products.

Highlights of AutoPilot Installer for SMB storage include:

• Automatic Selection of Drivers

The installation CD contains drivers that have been qualified by each OEM for their customers. The appropriate driver is automatically selected for the operating system that is being used.

• Automatic Driver Update

As part of the installation wizard, AutoPilot Installer automatically checks the appropriate web site for driver updates. No user intervention is necessary to insure that the most current driver is installed.

Both Enterprise AutoPilot Installer and AutoPilot Installer for SMBs reflect Emulex’s system level expertise and commitment to providing customers with products that balance the ease-of-use they demand with the features and functionality required by their storage environments.

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