Dot Hill 2322 Premium iSCSI Storage Array (Build a SAN)

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Dot Hill 2322 Premium iSCSI Storage Array (Build a SAN)

Dot Hill 2322 Premium iSCSI Storage Array (Build a SAN)


Download PDF Ideal for high IO applications, utilizing 2.5-inch SAS drives within an iSCSI SAN

The 2322 from Dot Hill Systems serves the growing iSCSI SAN market allowing customers to easily create their own Ethernet-based storage area networks. These powerful systems are scalable, highly reliable, high-performance, and easy to set up and manage. With its high performance and high capacity, the Dot Hill 2322 storage systems are used for virtualized storage, file systems, Sharepoint, MS Exchange, MS SQL, just to name a few applications.

The 2322 arrays support 24-drives housed in a 2 rackunit (2U) enclosure providing dual 1Gb iSCSI interfaces per controller to 2.5-inch SAS or solid state drives (SSDs). An internal SAS interface supports the expansion of the systems to support growing storage needs.

Advanced Data Protection Provides Instant Recovery
Is your data essential to your business operations? Then it makes sense to add data protection options - AssuredSnap™ and AssuredCopy™. AssuredSnap™ provides the 2322 storage array with volume snapshot capability allowing point-in-time copies that can be used to maximize business continuity. AssuredCopy™ creates a full volume copy which protects against disk failures. Dot Hill's 'set and forget' scheduler capability gives storage administrators peace of mind, knowing the storage system is automatically taking snapshots and volume copies. Make sure you have the backups that enable quick point-in-time recovery.

Eco-friendly EcoStor™
The 2322 uses super capacitors instead of RAID cache batteries, providing infinite cache backup during a power loss while being environmentally friendly. Using super capacitors eliminates the need for battery maintenance, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Easy Management Tool with Wizards
Dot Hill storage systems are easy to configure and manage with improved RAIDar 2.0, the intuitive Web Based Interface (WBI) which provides storage setup and monitoring without the need for host based software. RAIDar 2.0 contains installation and configuration wizards to make management easy.

Built in Redundancy and Data Protection
RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50
Redundant, hot swappable components
AssuredSnap™ - Snapshot capability
AssuredCopy™ - Full volume copy capability
Built-in schedule capability lets you 'set and forget'
Storage Scalability and Performance
Dual or single RAID controller or JBOD
Data rates up to 1Gb/sec iSCSI host connections
Supports either SAS or SSD drives
OS Support - Windows, Linux, SuSE, Solaris
Modular storage design protects your investment
Enterprise-class storage features at an affordable price
Easy Set-up and Management
Unified LUN architecture streamlines configuration
RAIDar 2.0 full featured management interface
Environmentally Responsible Storage / Lower TCO
EcoStor™ - Economically and environmentally sound technologies
SimulCache™ - Low latency cache mirroring
Battery-free cache backup
DC power option
2 terabyte energy saving drives
RoHS-5 and WEEE compliant









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