Dell PowerVault 124T

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Dell PowerVault 124T


The PowerVault 124T tape autoloader allows maximum rack-based storage capacity within a 2U chassis. Its remote management capability enables true, unattended backup while its magazine architecture facilitates quick scalability and replacement of tape cartridges.

DLT VS160 and LTO-2-L Autoloader

Ideal for consolidating multiple or remote application servers for unattended, automated backup
High-density, rack-optimized tape autoloader solution that supports up to 3.2TB (LTO-2-L) of native capacity within a small, 2U form factor
Supports maximum native transfer rates of 86.4GB/hr (LTO-2-L)
Remote Management functionality to deliver reliable backup through any web-based browser
Simple scalability through the dual-magazine design allowing you to manage eight cartridges per magazine (16 total cartridges per unit)
Provides a choice of one VS160 or one LTO-2-L tape drive to customize the autoloader to your environment

The PowerVault 124T is a tape autoloader that allows customers to maximize their rack-based storage backup within a 2U chassis. Its expandable architecture and magazine design enable customers to quickly manage and replace tape cartridges for growing data center needs. These features also help customers cost-effectively scale capacity to meet future backup and recovery demands. The PowerVault 124T delivers reliable backup through remote management using any web-based browser while featuring seamless integration into diverse operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Netware and Linux.

Tape Backup Technology
LTO-2, LTO-3 or LTO-4 Autoloader
Holds up to 16 data cartridges (2 magazines)

Maximum Storage Capacity1

Native: 3.2TB2 (LTO-2-L), 6.4TB (LTO-3), 12.8TB (LTO-4)

Transfer Rate and Backup Rate3
Native Maximums (LTO-2-L)

Native Maximums (LTO3-060)

Native Maximums (LTO-3)

Native Maximums (LTO-4-120)

PowerVault 124T LTO-2-L
Drive Cartridge Capacity (Native): 200GB2

PowerVault 124T LTO-3-060
Drive Cartridge Capacity (Native): 400GB2

PowerVault 124T LTO-3
Drive Cartridge Capacity (Native): 400GB2

PowerVault 124T LTO-4
Drive Cartridge Capacity (Native): 800GB2

Tape Backup Technology
DLT VS160 or LTO-2-L Autoloader

Holds up to 16 data cartridges

Maximum Storage Capacity1
Native: 1.2TB (VS160) or 3.2TB (LTO-2-L)

Transfer Rate and Backup Rate2
Native Maximums (VS160) 8MB/s, 480MB/min , 28.8GB/hr

Native Maximums (LTO-2-L) 24MB/s, 1.4GB/min, 86.4GB/hr

PowerVault 124T DLT VS160 Drive Cartridge Capacity (Native): 80GB

Data Density: 175 Kbpi (linear bit density)

PowerVault 124T LTO-2-L Drive Cartidge Capacity (Native): 200GB

Data Density: 188Kbpi (linear bit density)

Recommended Server Capacity and Environment
High end departmental and enterprise servers

Rack dense servers that require external tape backup solutions, Up to 3.2TB

Autoloader MCBF: Greater than 400,000 hours with 100% duty cycle

Cartridge loading: single front loading slot

Cartridge inventory time: Less than 1 minute, 15 seconds

Manual entry of cartridge to magazine: Less than 1 minute

Autoloader Indicators/Controls
5-button with 2-line, 16 character LCD menu display (with backlight)

Operational status LEDs

SCSI Interface
Single SCSI ID


Ultra-wide SCSI-2

16 bits wide

68-pin HD connector at rear of unit

Low voltage differential

Cabling Options
No cables

39160 controller card & VHDCI to 68-pin cable

VHDCI to 68-pin cable with no controller card

Backup Software
Dell-supported Tape Backup Software3: Veritas® Backup ExecTM for Microsoft® Windows® and Novell® NetWare® 4

CommVault® GalaxyTM for Microsoft Windows, Novell NetWare, and Linux® 5

EMC® LegatoTM NetworkerTM for Microsoft Windows and Linux5

Yosemite TechnologiesTM TapeWareTM for Microsoft® Windows® , Novell® NetWare® , and Linux® 4



3.4" (h) x 16.77" (w) x 27.52" (d)

8.64cm (h) x 42.59cm (w) x 69.90cm (d)

Weight with drive: 34 lbs (15.42 kg) without packaging/accessories

Power Requirements: 100-240 VAC

Inrush Current: 4.0 A (RMS) for 115 VAC, 4.0 A (RMS) for 230 VAC

Power Consumption: 60 Hz = 75 W; 50 Hz = 80 W

Operating Temperature: 10 to 35° C

Non-Operating Temperature: -40 to 65° C

Operating Humidity: 20% to 80% RH, noncondensing

Non-Operating Humidity: 10% to 90% RH, noncondensing






























Dell PowerVault 124T

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Dell PowerVault 124T

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Dell PowerVault 124T

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Dell PowerVault 124T

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