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Stylus Standalone  
               CD / DVD Autoloaders: Stylus Standalone

 9 to 5 Computer distributors of CD and DVD Duplicators, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

CD And DVD DuplicatorsCondre, Inc.


User Interface: Intuitive GUI Interface
Supported Formats: CD-R , DVD–R, DVD+R and Dual Format
Capacity: 180 or 300 Discs
Power Supply: Switch Selectable

The Stylus Standalone Series, new from Condre, Inc., provides Users with the best solution for automated, standalone (No PC required) CD and DVD Recordable Duplication available today. Featuring a robust and highly reliable robotic platform and intuitive GUI interface, the Stylus Standalone units offer an economical price point and exceptional functionality for a variety of applications.

Their sleek desktop footprint and office aesthetics allow for integration into virtually any office or production environment, and their ease of use provides simple operation for any novice or professional. The Stylus Standalone Series of duplication systems supports a variety of CD and DVD recorders including CD - R , DVD – R, DVD + R, and Dual Format.

Compared to other Automated Duplication Systems at similar price points, The Stylus Standalone is the best value with assured reliabilty, from the Leader in CD and DVD R Duplication and Publishing Solutions, Condre, Inc.

Condre Technology is a Leading Manufacturer of CD / DVD R Duplication and Publishing Systems.

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