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DVD Duplicators: DVD Tracer Plus R / RW  
DVD Duplicators: DVD Tracer Plus R / RW

 9 to 5 Computer distributors of CD and DVD Duplicators, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

CD And DVD DuplicatorsCondre, Inc.

Write Speeds: 16 x 16 x 32 DVD + RW / 24x CD-R
Support: CD-R / DVD +RW
Drives: 2 - 7 Drive Configurations
Enclosure: Multiple Cooling Fans

The DVD Tracer Plus R/RW Tower Duplication Systems from Condre, Inc., are full featured, reliable and economical duplicators utilizing new combo DVD Plus R/RW and CD R drive technology from Ricoh Corp. Now users can take advantage of the usability of the DVD +RW format and the low cost of the CD R format in one tower system configuration. Discs created with the Condre DVD Tracer Plus R/RW systems can be played back in virtually any set top player or any DVD ROM reader in a PC or laptop device. Multiple cooling fans and industrial power supplies assure the longevity of the system. In addition, the DVD Tracer Plus R/RW’s menu commands include editing and track extraction functions that allow for the creation of compilation discs, and verify data written to duplicated DVD + RW or CD-R discs.

Condre Technology is a Leading Manufacturer of CD / DVD R Duplication and Publishing Systems.

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