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ATTO iPBridge and Microsoft Windows  

ATTO Storage & 9 to 5 Computer distributors of data storage drives,
tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.
ATTO iPBridge™ 2500C/R/D Earns Microsoft Designed for Windows Logo for iSCSI Devices
ATTO Technology, Inc., a worldwide manufacturer of Fibre Channel, IP and SCSI storage and storage-infrastructure solutions for Enterprise and workgroup environments, announced today that the ATTO iPBridge™ 2500C/R/D has been qualified to carry the Microsoft Designed for Windows Logo. This qualification falls on the heels of Microsoft’s earlier recognition that the iPBridge 2500C/R/D supports the Microsoft iSCSI software initiator. The ATTO iPBridge 2500C/R/D tested interoperable with Microsoft’s iSCSI software initiator, as well as support for the IETF V1.0 iSCSI specification.

“ATTO is pleased to offer IT managers the ability to improve ROI by extending the life of existing SCSI storage while migrating to a cost-effective iSCSI storage network with the deployment of the ATTO iPBridge,” states Ed Tierney, director of product management for ATTO Technology. “Achieving the Designed for Windows logo for the iPBridge assures customers that the ATTO iPBridge is interoperable with the Windows platform.”

The ATTO iPBridge 2500C/R/D allows users to attach existing SCSI storage devices to IP networks affording IT managers the ability to deploy cost-effective iSCSI storage networks. Users can leverage their current Ethernet network, by providing the ability to attach or connect a SCSI tape library or other SCSI storage, such as disk or MO storage systems, and network them across an Ethernet IP-based network so more users can access existing storage devices.

“Products such as the ATTO iPBridge play a critical role in driving the iSCSI momentum,” says Zane Adam, director of product management and marketing for the Enterprise Storage Division at Microsoft. “We have been testing the ATTO iPBridge in our iSCSI labs for interoperability with our software. We are pleased that ATTO has worked with us and has obtained the Designed for Windows logo for its iSCSI solution.”

ATTO and Microsoft recognize that iSCSI is a viable option for storage networking. ATTO confirms its commitment to iSCSI with the general release of the ATTO iPBridge. The ATTO iPBridge provides investment protection for IT managers who desire to network their existing SCSI products together and make existing storage devices available to more users. Call 9 to 5 Computer for more info on iSCSI! 800-334-3282



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