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Diamond Storage Array  

ATTO Storage & 9 to 5 Computer distributors of data storage drives,
tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

Diamond Storage Array

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The ATTO Diamond Storage Array provides up to 7.2 TB of high-performance, Enterprise-class RAID-protected disk storage in a 3U 19” rack form factor at a very aggressive price point.

This leading-edge technology is built on ATTO's proven core competencies in the SCSI and Fibre Channel storage technologies. At the center of ATTO's Diamond Storage Array is its intelligent midplane containing a combination of custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs), microprocessors, and proprietary software. Developed by ATTO, this technology comprises patent-pending elements that work together to minimize system overhead and maximize data throughput. ATTO's exclusive Aggregated Data Transfer Technology (ADXT™) aggregates the performance of individual ATA drives to achieve the high data-transfer rates needed for today's Enterprise-level applications. This exclusive combination of features offers the performance of Fibre Channel or SCSI storage arrays with the cost advantages of ATA disk technology.

The ATTO Diamond RAID Array lowers your storage costs without sacrificing performance and reliability. It offers:
ATTO Diamond Array provides 99.99% "up" time for digital video, backup and imaging applications.


Near-line Backup
Primary Storage SMB
Business Continuance
Medical Imaging
Post Production
Broadcast Video
Disaster Recovery
Web Page Delivery
Rich Media on Demand

  • Industry-leading storage density - Up to 7.2 TB in a 3U - 19” chassis
  • JBOD, RAID 0/1/5/10 configurable
  • High availability features include 256MB Error Correcting(ECC) DRAM Memory and Hot Spares.
  • Supports up to 24 ATA disk drives in a single 3U - 19” chassis (12 dual-drive, replaceable disk sleds)
  • Aggregated Data Transfer Technology (ADXT™) technology for high performance/scalability
  • Multiple Host Interface Cards (HICs) available: 1-Gigabit Fibre Channel, 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel, and Ultra160 SCSI. Up to 2 HICs per Array
  • Hot swappable (disk drives, power supplies, blower assemblies, management card, and dual Host Interface Cards)
  • Auto Rebuild of hot swapped drive sleds
  • Disk failure detection and notification through visual LED's and System Management Interface
  • System Management
    • In-band and out of band management
    • RS-232 management for local control.
    • Integrated thermal and power management features
  • Integrated web server and browser based Graphical User Interface(GUI) for simplified & remote management & Configuration
  • Dual redundant power supplies and blowers
  • Array firmware is field upgradeable through simple flash process
  • Tagged command queuing to process up to 225 simultaneous data requests
  • Staggered drive spinup to reduce peak power demand
  • Ethernet management card available
  • Compatible with industry-leading host bus adapters including ATTO ExpressPCI HBAs


  ATTO Diamond vs Nexsan ATAboy2

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