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DriveWiper 3 Portable Forensics Hard Drive Sanitizer spec sheet

VOOM HardCopy 3vs. Tableau TD1 download

HardCopy 3 1:2 Portable Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator spec sheet

HardCopy 3P 1:2 Portable Forensic Hard Drive Duplicator spec sheet

Voom Shadow 2 Portable Forensics Digital Evidence Analysis And Presentation Device spec sheet

Meeting the Surge in Cybercrime Head-On Voom Technologies, Inc. Releases the HardCopy 3P and DriveWiper 3 press release


Now available as a free download (scroll to bottom), Voom's Shadow 2 Firmware Upgrade Version 2-3a allows users, in most cases, NOT to change the bios settings on AHCI. A SATA adapter is required to ensure the communication between the Shadow and the suspect/victim HDD is handled properly. You may con-tact us for more information regarding the adapter.
If you haven't already updated to Version 2-2e, the above up-grade will incorporate this version during the update process. V2-2e adds or alters functions: 1) changes the "lock" mode so that data is ignored (rather than written to the Shadow's drive); 2) adds "wipe & lock" which clears the Shadow's drive and puts it into "lock" mode (to ensure no sensitive, classified or criminal data remains); and 3) adds "map dump" allowing investigator to locate changes on the Shadow's drive (e.g. suspect indicates doing A and B resulted in C; investigator then does A and B and can easily determine whether C was the result).

TIP: To determine which firmware version you are currently using, turn on the Shadow; the LCD screen will display, for example, "v2.2d."

NEW: Shadow Whitepaper-Forensic Uses (pdf)

Upcoming Schedule:
Feb 22- Feb 24 Las Vegas, NV PATCtech Electronic Evidence & Cybercrime Conference (Conference Info.)
Mar 2- 1 pm EST: Webinar- Forensic Uses of the Voom Shadow 2 Register with PATC-tech (date & time tentative).
Mar 23-Shadow 2 Forensic Training with Forward Discov-ery-Instructor: Steve Bunting, EnCE, CCFT
Mar 29-Apr 1 St. Paul, MN HTCIA Spring Conference, MN Bureau of Criminal Apprehension

Although some forensics experts present live & dynamic evi-dence at trial using the Shadow in court, others use the "screen shot" method in preparing comprehensible evidence.
According to Andy Anderson, Boone County Sheriff's Dept., "the Shadow was instrumental in obtaining a conviction and protect-ing the children in our area" in various trials. Anderson ex-plained, "Utilizing this [portable] equipment, examiners were able to take screen shots of the suspect's computer showing what it looked like to the suspect. These photographs were used at trial as visual depictions of where child pornography was located on the computer and the view of the file, such as thumbnail photographs, proving the defendant knew the content of the illegal files. Other screen shots were used to show generally how the computer was viewed by the defendant including precisely how the defendant could see or changed software settings." (Read Entire Article)


Voom has made available a free firmware update for the HardCopy 3 (HC3). You can download this firmware version 2-02 dated 1/10/11 and simply follow the instructions found in the Release Notes. This update improves error recovery handling.
Note: Although previous HC3 firmware updates did not need to be done in sequence, this update requires that you have already loaded either v2.00 or v2.00a prior to executing this update.
If you have any questions or need support please contact us.

IT Duplication
  The Voom SuperDuper Duplicates from 1 drive to 8 different drives at once. Runs at data transfer speeds of up to 7.5 GB per minute per drive. No slow down in performance whether 1 or all 8. ATA/SATA built in. Image (files/operating system/software only) or Clone entire drive. Download specs for the Voom SuperDuper


Use the VOOM HardCopy and forensically duplicate more drives faster today! Download specs for the Voom HardCopy


Voom HardCopy 2

HardCopy II (download specs), HardCopy 2 download brochure

Copies drives at up to 5.5 GB per minute, built in MD5, lightweight, all the power of HardCopy and then some!


Voom HardCopy III/3 (download specs for Voom Hard Copy 3)

1:2 Portable Computer Forensics Hard Drive Duplicator With Built-In Hardware Write-Blocker, now available with MD5 or SHA256 – specify with order


HardCopy IT



Shadow 2 (download specs) Advantages of Shadow 2

Designed to aid the investigation of a computer's hard drive.


DriveWiper , download PDF of Voom Drive Wiper

Use the VOOM DriveWiper and wipe ALL data off of hard drives FAST!




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