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Manufacturer Part Number : #3137695
Product Description :  

Manufacturer : StorageTek

Product Notes: "Sun StorageTek CLIP, RETAINER, COUPLER, SCSI FIBRE, Not RoHS compliant. Spare or upgrade part for the repair, reuse, or upgrade of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market before July 1, 2006.

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9 TO 5 COMPUTER realizes you have a choice when it comes to choosing an IT Hardware provider. Whether you require new cutting edge technology, used tested equipment, fully refurbished gear, repair, rental, on-site service or a maintenance contract, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER can meet your demands. We have been serving the industry since 1979 as an international family owned and operated computer products distributor.


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Storagetek L700E Library StorageTek L700E LIbrary StorageTek L700/L700e Library


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Sun Storagetek T10000 Fibre Channel SCSI Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek T9940B Storagetek T9840C Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek 9940C Tape Drive Storagetek 9940B Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek T9840B Tape Drive Sun Storagetek T9840A Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek Ultrium LTO4 Fibre Channel Tape Drive Sun Storagetek LTO ULTRIUM 4 Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek LTO ULTRIUM 3 Tape Drive Sun Storagetek LTO ULTRIUM 2 Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek DLT-S4 Tape Drive Sun Storagetek SDLT 600 Tape Drive
Sun Storagetek SDLT 320 Tape Drive


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Powerful, proven midrange storage solutions give you the unmatched reliability, availability, and capabilities you need to manage growing data—and achieve new levels of consolidation. All midrange leaders in price/performance, choose from the compact, entry-level EMC CLARiiON AX150 to the EMC CLARiiON CX3 model 80—the world’s largest, most powerful midrange system. Consolidate more applications in a single array with Fibre Channel and iSCSI options. Streamline management, maximize productivity, and migrate and protect your data with a full suite of industry-leading software. And get the most from your investment with seamless upgrades, cross-generation software capabilities, built-in serviceability, and expert service and support.

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AVAILABILITY: 9 TO 5 COMPUTER carries a large inventory of New, Refurbished & Used parts like #3137695  #3137695--StorageTek-CLIP,RETAINER,CPLR,SCSI FIBRE" by StorageTek . Most products are shipped on the same day as ordered. You will receive a shipment confirmation once your product has been shipped.

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