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Shop 9to5 Computer for all your computer parts. We carry all Hard to Find, obsolte, EOL (end of life) parts for your computer. Give your old computer new life with new, used or refurbished parts for your computer.

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Spare Parts Index 2


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9 TO 5 COMPUTER: Global Value-Added Distribution of NEW, used and refurbished computer periphery by a family-owned and operated company since 1979- distributing internationally computer related peripherals on the new, used and refurbished levels. HP|Computer Parts, COMPAQ, IBM, CISCO, 3COM, SUN, APPLE, SEAGATE, and other major branded products as well as a MAJOR focus on Mass Storage related drives, media, storage racks, tri-optic barcode labels, libraries, autoloaders, duplicators, jukeboxes, HBA's, JBOD, Raid, SAN, NAS and software solutions.

As our stock of NEW, used and refurbished storage equipment changes daily, be sure to use our online chat service to get "real time" pricing from a knowlegable sales technician. We also offer the lowest priced storage media on the net. Contact us now for drive rental, repair, duplication, software solutions or professional consultation.

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a37-wspf2-04gqb, a37-wspf4-08gqb, a37-wspf4-16gqb, a37-wspf4-32gqb, a37-wtpf2-04grb, a37-wtpf4-08grb, a4, a4014a, a4027ar, a4080ar, a4081a, a40-wspf12-24ggb1, a40-wspf4-8ggb1, a40-wspf8-16ggb1, a41, a4190a, a4190ar, a41-upa19c-128m-ba, A41-UTA19A-512M-DK, a41-uta19c-256m-ba, a4200a, a4200d, a4247a, a4274a, a4296a, a42-xab2-04gd, A42-XAB4-08GD, a42-xcb4-16gd, a4318a, a4318ar, a4318a-sup, a4323a, a4323a-a3x, a4339a, a4346d, a43uab1-9aa-d512ay, a4481a, a4485a, a44-sconf4-8x102s, a4517ar-0d1, a4521ar, a4553a, a4554a, a4570ar-0d1, a4576a, a4674a, a4800a, a4800ar, a4837a, a4850a-702, a4851a, a4869b, a4869b-su, a4870a, a4871a, a4872ar, a4882a, a4887-60001, a4900a, a4901ar, a4902a, a4904a, a4904ar, a4923a, a4945a, a4978a, a4986a, a5000, a5009a, a5073ar, a5137azr-awu, a5140ar, a5140a-su, a5158a, a5158a, a5158a-r, a5168a, a5176a, a5176a-su, a5177a, a5179a, a5182ar, a5183a, a5191a, a5191a-0s6, a5191a-3y6, a5191ar, a5191br, a5200, a5214a, a5220a, a5239a, a5272a-0s6, a5272azr-308, a5276a, a5285a, a5500a, a5500a-3y6, a5501a, a5506br, a5521a, a5522a, a5522a-3y6, a5525a, a5529a, a5529a, a5554ar, a5570a, a5570b, a5572a, a5576a, a5583a, a5583a-0s6, a5586a, a5589a, a5589a-0s6, a5596a, a5616a, a5789a, a5789a-002, a5796ar, a5803a, a5803ar, a5808a, a5810, a5811a, a5864a, a5866a, a5990a, a5992a, a5995b, a6091a, a6093a, a6094ar, a6096a, a6109b, a6115-60001, a6144br, a6155ar, a6180a, a6180ar, a6182a, a6194a, a6214a, a6265a, a6315a, a6444ar, a6736ar, a6737ar, a6738ar, a6749a, a6750a, a6751a, a6752a, a6752ar, a6793a, a6793ar, a6795ar, a6797b, a6798a, a6798ar, a6802ar, a6831ar, a6873a, a6939a, a6958a, a7183br, a7818a, a7844a, a7884a, a8076a, as5300-120voip-a, atat-ts06f, b2016bz, b2491ba, b2491ba---aho, b2-b10a-ab, b2-rz2da-wa, b3701aa, b3782fa-apz-aaf-aba, b3782far, b3782far-apz, b3782fa-um4-aaf-aba, b3897a, b3901ba, b3907db, b3911cb, b3911cb, b3913cb, b3913db, b3919ea, b3919ear, b3920-aaf-um9-aba, b3920ea, b3920ea-aaf-um9-, b3929ba-2ah, b3929ca-2ah, b3935ba-aho, b3935da-2ah, b393dbandavn, b3-sn-b3dbu-sd, b5509a, b6131aa, b6132aa, b6821aa-aaf-um9, b6951aa, b6953aa, b6954aa, b6955ba, b7033aa, b7035aa, b8479a, b9000aa-0d1, b910aa, babwcu2900e221c, babwup2900ne01c, baydell, bebwce20100a, bka-cab, blade1000a28, blade-rental, buu99-510-9999, c180, c213131, c2354a, c2785a-aw-osx, c2786a, c2786a-aw5-osx, c2787a, c2788-60001, c2804c, c2805a, c2863a, c3306a, c4231a, c4318szr-103, c5141f, c5658a, c6280j, c6378a, c6379a, c7097a, c7151f, c7401b, c7421b, c7497a, c7516b, c7770b-abu, c7972a, c9572cb, cab427095, cas800, cas800-2, cbt-d5eh02vim, cbt-l1fh36vslm, cbt-l1jk72vslm, cbt-l1jl36vslm, cbt-r46hm4rzm, cbt-r5dj42vim, cbt-r5eh02vim, cbt-r5ek02vim, cbt-r5eko2vim, cbt-s1jk72vslm, CBT-S1JL36VSLM, cdt16, cecms-100we99m, cecms-100wi99m , cecms-100ww99m, cecms-100ww99m , cecms-110ae99m, cecms-110ai99m, cecms-110as99m, cecms-110aw99m, cecms-110ce99m, cecms-110ci99m, cecms-110cs99m, cecms-110cw99m, cecms-120cw99m, ci9000-rhmr, ci9000-thmr, cisco2621, config, con-os-vpkg4, con-sntp-vpkg6, con-sntp-vpkg9, cpubd-441-1050, cpubd-442-1050, crm16, cs9016, cvpn3005-eandfe, cvpn3005-eandfe-bun, d1000, d210, d250and1, d260and2, d270and1, d270and2, d280and2, d310, d330, d3311a, d3337a, d3339a, d3358a, d350, d350and2, d3575, d3583a, d3594a, d3604b, d370, d370and2, d380and2, d390and1, d4843a, d4845a, d4878b, d4898a, d4924b, d4934a, d4973a, d4974ar, d4975ar, d4976ar, d4979a, d5013a, d5015a, d5021a, d5023a, d5028a-a6e, d5065a, d5102ll, d510ell, d5955a, d5971ar, d5989c, d5991a, d6094b, d6125a, d7126a, d7141t-g53-abu, d7148a, d7149aandaba, d7158av, d8504aandaba, d8519a, d9104a, d9133aandaba, d9143a, d9164ar, d9176aandaba, d9190a, d9199a, d9343aandaba, d9434a, d9515a, d9943a, da-54hha-ca, da-56nra-fa, da-56paa-da, da-56paa-fa, datande, dcas-32160, dcas-34330, dchs-34550, dchs-39100, ddrs-34560, ddrs-39130, dds4and8e, ddys-ddyf, delivery, dfhs-31080, dfhs-32160, dfhs-34320, dghs-318200, dghs-39110, dgvs-39110, dh110a-abu, dl413a-abu, dlt4000s-800-902, dlt-7000, dmvs-18, dmvs-36, dmvs-9, dnes-309170, dnes-318350, do-not-use, dors-32160, dpss-309170, dpss-318350, dpss-336950, drhl-36l, drhlc2000and1024, drhs-36v, drsb-100-and-256, drsb100and512, drsb-100-and-512, drsb150and512, drvs-09d, drvs-09v, drvs-18d, drvs-18v, ds20e, ds-vmg1-2000-1, dy-56pa-da, dy-62caa-ca, e0173a, e10000, e10000-3, e10000-4, e150, e220, e220r, e250, e280r, e3000, e30002, e3001, e3500, e3501, e3501-c62, e3501-c82, e3501-c93, e3502, e3503-c62, e3503-c82, e3503-c83, e3503-c93, e4000, e4000, e4002, e420, e420r, e450, e4500, e4501, e4502-r, e4503, e4503-p98, e4503-r, e4503-rr1, e4503-s812, e4503-s84, e450-480-4gb, e450-aa, e450-ba, e450-ca, e450-server, e4ande45-upgrade, e5000, e5000, e5002, e55, e5500, e5501, e5502, e5502-p88, e5503, e5503-p88, e6000, e6000, e6002, e6500, e6501, e6502, e6502-p816, e6503, e6503-p916, e75-00008, e75-00014, e75-00129, e75-00650, e75-00650, e76-00007, e76-00321, ecab-r19-srs2, ecab-r19-srs2-42, ecab-r19-srs2-77, emc-m, en-6550-and-p3, en6800, ex2dsa-axi, f1648wtandaba, f1676wtandaba, f1769ntandaba, f5051jt, fce-6460-n, fsgzx-026, g70, h4401a-613, h4403a-602, h4403y-612, h4405a-417, h4405a-449, h4405a-609, h4405a-613, h4405a-615, h4405a-6ba, h4405a-6bh, h4405y-609, h4634a, h4725a-506, h4725a-557, h4725a-575, hp224401, hp443004, hp447027, hpc10000-4-3, hp-c120, hpc1559d, hpc3501-c82-3, hpc4501-3, hpc450-ba-3, hpc5501-3, hpc6501-3, hp-e45, hpq1336a, ibm4359, ibm7043-140rs, icsd9-lc0-ja01, icsnm-511zjak9, iolan-16, j1248aa-3y3, j1501a, j1511a, j1512a, j2070a, j2085a-107, j210, j2156a, j2240, j3112a, j3258aabb, j3265a, j3514a, j3850a, j4101b, j4121a, j4140a, j4169a, j4240aa-2a1, java, k100, k200, k210, k220, k24ryuk, k400, k410, k411xuk, ld4177, lsbin-600-3304, lsbis-551-2088, lsbis-551-2106, lsbis-600-2008, lsbis-600-2102, lsbis-600-2106, lsbis-610-2010, lsbis-610-2102, lxandclassic, ma-x168a, me9e25and128, mem-msfc2-128mb, ms330-ea, mssbs, n03-uec2-9n-512ae, n04-uld2-9s-2048at, n05-ab, n061ukc1-9s256at1, n06-ugb1-9s064ah1, n06-ugb1-9s064at1, n06-ukc1-9s100at1, n06-ukc1-9s256ah1, n06-ukc1-9s-256-ah1, n06-ukc1-9s-512-ah1, n06-ukc1-9s512at1, n06-ukc1-9s512at1, n07-ukc1-9s256ah1, n07-ukc1-9s256at5, n08974f, n09665f, n14-aa, n15-aa, n19-uje1-9s-128at1, n19-uje1-9s-512at1, n19-upe1-9s-102ax1, n19-upe1-9s-512ex1, n19-upe1-9s-512x1, n19-upe-9s-102ax1, n19-ute1-9s-202ex1, n21aupe1-9s-102at1, n21aupe1-9s-256at1, n21aupe1-9s-512at1, n25auta1-9s-512av1, n28durf2-9s-409av, n28-urf1-9s-512av, n28-urf2-9s-2048av, nas100, netra-1125, netra-1-3-1-1140, netra-1-3-1-1145, netra-1-3-1-1150, netra-1-3-1-1170, netra-1-3-1-1175, netra-1-3-1-535, netra-1-3-1-545, netra--ac200, netra-ft1800and4300, netra-ft1800and8300, netra-j-1-0-415, netra-j-1-1-545, netra-px-30, netra-pxs-30, netra-st-d1000, netra-t-1, netra-t1-105, nm-2fe2w, no3-uec1-9s-256e, no6-ukc1-9s-256ah1, ns-xary144a-36gac, ns-xary144a-36gdc, ns-xary153-72gdc, ns-xary153a-72gac, ns-xary153a-72gdc, ns-xdskd130-36gac, ns-xdsks1-318gac, optoeuk, ov-lxn101021, p1225a, p1756a, p1757bv, p1758a, p1765a, p1802b, p1804a, p1805av, p1810a, p1812a, p1819v, p1820a, p2475a, p2478a, p2478br, p2479a, p2623a, p4632a, p5409a, p5478a, p5551a, p7676a, p7708t, p823guk, pap702u-tw8z, pi756a, ps-vmg1-1500-1, q1508a, q1508a, q1515a, ql-mt7ae-aa, r390and1, ra25-ujd2-001c, raid-e805sandsr, raid-e805st-8x160gb, raid-e805st---8-x-200gb, refurb-280r, rk-f3800, rs6000-7025-f50, rs6000-7044-170, s00134a-0lb000, s093808-olc000, s094028-olc000, s1000e, s1000e, s10sand612-256-p95, s2000e, s20-61-64-p95, s20and61-128-xx, s20and61-gx-32-p46, s20and61-tx1-64-p95, s20and75-tx1-128-p95, s20and81-tx1-128-p95, s20fx1-71-512-p17, s20s-100-64-95, s20s-125-64-p95, s20s-125x2-64-p95, s20s-151-64-95, s20s-612-128-p49, s20s-712-64-p19, s20s-71-32-p18, s20s-71-p97, s20sand61-64-p46, s20sand61-64-p95, s20sand71-128-p98, s20tx1-32-p75, s20tx1-71-64-p17, s5-85, s5and170-tx1-32-p17, s5and170-tx1-64-p95, s5fx1-170-32-p17, s5rx1-170-32-p17, s5sand110-32-p46, s5sand70-32-p46, s5tx1-170-32-p17, s6msfcdv-12108e, sb100-gold, sb100-plat, sb100-sil, sbenwos001, sd0909aandolbu59, sf-1930-sun, sf280r-s, sfx1-170-32-p17, sf-xcpubd-447, sg330-00007, sg330-00008, sg330-00029, sg330-00081, sg-ary171a-436gr5, sg-ary-393a-728g, sgi-02andr180, sgi-1450, sgi-330-733mhz, sgi-330-800mhz, sgi-330-866mhz, sgi-550-733mhz, sgi-550-733mhz, sgi-550-800mhz, sgi-550-800mhz, sgi-550-866mhz, sgi-o-200-225mhz, sgi-o-200-225mhz, sgi-o-200-270mhz, sgi-r12000, sg-sc4-awe-6-5, sg-stapdlt-021a, sg-w12-400s-18g512, sg-w7-350s-18g256, sg-xary, sg-xary010a-254g, sg-xary030a, sgxary-030a, sg-xary145a-72gb, sg-xary146a-72a, sg-xary151a-218g, sg-xary151a-218g-3p, sg-xary154a-218g, sg-xary154a-72g, sg-xary155a-72g, sg-xary162a-145g, sg-xary163a-291d, sg-xary170a-145g, sg-xary-173a-145g, sg-xary173a-145g, sg-xary380a-109g, sg-xary511a-127g, sg-xary520a-200g, sg-xary520a-254g, sg-xary520a-504g, sg-xary530a-00, sg-xary540a-xxxg, sg-xary541a-400g, sg-xary550a-182g, sg-xary561a-800g, sg-xary563a-1601g, sg-xarya, sg-xautodlt8d-l9, sg-xautonbu-l9, sg-xdsk010c-440g, sg-xdsk020c-, sg-xdsk020c-36g, sg-xdsk020c-72g, sg-xdsk020-xx, sg-xdsk060c-109g, sg-xdsk060c-218g, sg-xdsko40-27g, sg-xfdsk060c-216g, sg-xlib8mm-l400g, sg-xlibdlt1-1tb-2, sg-xlibdlt1-280g, sg-xlibdlt71l20, sg-xlibdlt72-l20, sg-xlibdlt72r-l20, sg-xlibdlt82r-l40, sg-xlibnbu2r-l20, sg-xmt1-h2d1t1, sg-xry162a, sg-xtap-4mm-010a, sg-xtap4mm-012a, sg-xtap4mm-012a, sg-xtap4mm-031, sg-xtap4mm-031a, sg-xtap8mm-010a, sg-xtap8mm-011a, sg-xtap8mm-020a, sg-xtap-8mm-o11a, sg-xtapdlt, sg-xtap-dlt020a, sg-xtapdlt-020a, sg-xtapdlt-021a, sg-xtapdlt-022a, sg-xtapdlt1-1tb, simm-32andss5, sl8-svr, sl-fss1-1500-1, sl-vmg1-1500-1, sl-vmg1-2000-1, sn-e2g6q-ea, sn-e2g6w-a4, snm-nm-2-3-p, sn-msp01-ka, snt-fkit23200, snt-fsgzx-043, snt-fsgzx-089, snt-sg330-00059, snt-sg550-00014, snt-sg550-00031, snt-sg550-00032, snt-sg550-00034, sol2-7wgprtu, sol-dtwg-lu, solms-070w-9999, solms-070w999a, solms-070w999f, solms2-6, sols-2and5and1-c, sols-2and6-c, sol-s-c, sparc-10, sparc-1000, sparc-1000e, sparc2, sparc-20, sparc-2000, sparc-2000e, sparc-4, sparc-5, sparc-5-170, ss1000e-4, ssat-1000-12bay, ssdt-1000-12-bay, sser-gen-rev-ann-s, ssnm9-300-w999, ssnm-9-300-ww999, suinett240va, sunblade100, swsfcc6-1-stu, swsfcc6-2-s, s-xdk040-36g, t1001a, t1001a-0s6, t1005a, t1005a-0s6, t1009a, t1009a-0s6, t1903aa, t213131, t213447, t213729, t215172, t3808r587a, t3wg-tt-11-327, t500, trkis-121-99ns, ugmb-a25xa-a25ca, uk-e3x00-inst, uk-e4x00-inst, ukt-netcbl-nt-5, ukt-netsr, ultra-1, ultra-10, ultra-10-model-333, ultra-1-170, ultra-1-170e, ultra-1-200e, ultra-2, ultra-2and170, ultra-2and200, ultra-30, ultra-30, ultra5, ultra-5, ultra-60, ultra-60, v880, v880, vfs-3and2-b, vfsss-999-w999, vfsts-333-9999, vwc-3-0-s, vwc-3-0-s10, vwsis-500-t999, w00738f-100112, w093808-0lc, w093818-ola212, w094078-0lc, w10-250s-9g64, w-27-1g, w-280r-bndl1-3g, w9-280r-3g, w9d-a36-1p, w9d-a36-3g, w9d-a36-3p, w9d-a44s1p-3h, w9d-n25-3g, w-l280-3g, wsc1912a, ws-c2948g, ws-c2948g-l3, ws-c2950g-48-ei, ws-c3548-xl-en, ws-c3550-12t, ws-c4506, ws-c6509-1300ac, ws-cac-1300w, ws-x4448-gb-rj45, ws-x4515, ws-x6416-gbic, ws-x6k-s2-msfc2, x1012a, x1025a, x1026a, x1040a, x1041a, x1044a, x1045a, x1046a, x1054aandcj, x1058a, x1067a, x1068a, x1101a, x1149a, x1150a, x1153, x1154a, x1158a, x1165a, x1167a, x1178a, x1192a, x1193a, x1195a, x1197a, x1312a, x146a, x162a, x168a, x170a, x173a, x177a, x2001a, x2002a, x2003a, x2004a, x2006a, x2013a, x2014a, x2016a, x2018a, x2023a, x2024a, x2025a, x2028a, x2033a, x2034a, x2035a, x2036a, x2042a, x2043a, x2044a, x2045a, x2046a, x2051a, x2052a, x2053a, x2055a, x2057a, x2064a, x2154a, x2230a, x2240a, x2248a, x2510a, x2550a, x2560a, x2590a, x25-910-ws-licd, x25-9-1-ls-s, x2601a, x2602a-p84a, x2602a-p85a, x2611a, x2620a, x2622a, x2632a, x2642a-90-a, x268a, x2730a, x2761a, x3537, x3537a, x3657a, x3678a, x3679a, x3799a, x3848a, x3859a, x4050a, x489a-uk, x5027a, x5161a, x5162a, x5164a, x5207a, x5209a-uk, x5225a, x5228a, x5244a, x5251a, x5253a, x5254a, x5503a, 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Wholesale distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

Global Value-Added Distribution of new, used and refurbished computer periphery by a family-owned and operated company since 1979- distributing internationally computer related peripherals on the new, used and refurbished levels. HP, COMPAQ, IBM, CISCO, 3COM, SUN, APPLE, SEAGATE, and other major branded products as well as a MAJOR focus on Mass Storage related drives, media, storage racks, tri-optic barcode labels, libraries, autoloaders, duplicators, jukeboxes, HBA's, JBOD, Raid, SAN, NAS and software solutions.

Representing storage media manufacturers like:
BASF, Canon, DEC, Dysan, Ecrix, Emtec, Exabyte, Fuji, Fujitsu, Graham, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Imation, Iomega, Kodak, Maxell, Maxoptix, Onstream, LMSI, Panasonic, PinnacleMicro, Phillips, Pioneer, Plasmon, Ricoh, Sony, Syquest, TDK, and Verbatim

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9 to 5 provides cutting edge technologies from drive giants like:
ADIC, Archive, ATL, Benchmark, BreeceHill, Colorado, Compaq, DEC, Ecrix, Exabyte, EZQuest, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Iomega, Irwin, Kodak, Lacie, LMSI, M4 Data, Maynard Maxtor, Maxoptix, Micronet, Mitsubishi, Mountain, OnStream, Olympus, Overland Data, Panasonic, Philips, Pinnacle Micro, Plextor, Quantum, Ricoh, Rimage, Seagate, Smart and Friendly, Sony, Spectralogic, StorageTek, Straightline, Sun, Tandberg, Teac, Tecmar, WangDat, Wangtek, Western Digital, Xcerta, Yamaha

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Including all major storage platforms such as:
DLT, AIT, LTO, SUPER DLT, Mammoth, Optical, 4MM, 8MM, Magstar, Travan, ", ", Reel-to-reel, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 9840, 9940, JAZ, ZIP, CDR-RW, DVD-R/RAM

And support peripherals, host adaptors, controllers, bridges, routers and enclosures from the leaders in the market with:
Adaptec, ATTO, CI DESIGN, Emulex, GadZoox, Initio, JMR, JNI, Qlogic, Slim

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Since 1991, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER has been providing such top tier products to corporate data centers, government , VAR's, resellers, OEM's, and wholesalers throughout the entire global marketplace.

Whether you need a Quantum DLT tape drive, tape library, disaster recovery solution, storage media, storage racks, drive repair, backup software or professional consultation regarding your storage solution needs, contact one of our tech sales guys today!!!!

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*Price and availabilities subject to change without any notice. Not responsible for typographical errors.

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