9 TO 5 COMPUTER: A Global Value-Added Distribution of new, used and refurbished computer periphery by a family-owned and operated company since 1979; distributing computer related peripherals on the new, used and refurbished levels. HP, COMPAQ, IBM, CISCO, 3COM, SUN, APPLE, and other major branded products as well as a MAJOR focus on Mass Storage related drives, media, storage racks, tri-optic barcode labels, libraries, autoloaders, HBA's, JBOD, Raid, SAN, NAS and software solutions.

As our inventory and sourcing of new, used and refurbished drives changes daily, so does the pricing!!!
Please be sure to contact a sales rep today for current pricing always below market value!!

Use our LiveChat feature and get a current pricing, specs and details right now from a knowledgeable sale tech. Negotiate your price-point in real-time!!!


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Memory: A6144B RP5470/L3000 Server $7,935 A5864A 2GB Memory for N-Class $3,750 A5191B RP5450/L2000 Server $4,485 A4923A 1GB Memory for N-Class $1,350 A3639B N4000 Server $3,680 A3763A 512MB Memory for N-Class $600 A3639A N4000 Server $1,840 A6115A 2GB Memory for L-Class $3,900 A5992A C3600 Visualize Workstation $1,610 A5798A 1GB Memory for L-Class $1,725 A4986A C3000 Visualize Workstation $690 A6016A 1GB Memory for Workstations $525 A4904A D-390/2way, 240mhz. $1,150 A3717A 512MB Memory for D-Class $563 A3642A K570 Server $805 A3737A 512MB Memory for K/D $600 A6805A RP5470 750mhz. Proc. $3,680 A3737A Kingston 512MB for K/D $263 A6146A RP5470 550mhz. Proc. $3,220 A3483A 256MB for K Class $113 A5500A N4000 440mhz. Proc. $920 A3027A 128MB for K-Class $53 A4883A N4000 360mhz. Proc. $633 A2992A K-Class Carrier $75 A5168A N-Class PSM $403 Comm/Controllers: A5796A L-Class PSM $431 A2991- 60001 Internal Modem $75 C5200A Envizex II Netstation $230 A2991- 60016 Line Access Module $38 Disk/Tape: A3495A 100 Base-T LAN Adpt. $75 A5282A 18.2GB Hot Swap $230 A3591B HSC Fiber Channel $900 A5803A 18GB Ultra2 Hot-Swap $288 A4450A Visualize EG Graphics $188 A5238A 9GB FWD Disk $201 A4800A FWD Controller $188 A4997A 9GB Ultra 2 LVD, 10K $115 A4977A Visualize EG-PCI Graphics $150 A5505A 9GB Ultra $230 A5149A Ultra2 LVD Adpt $750 A5795A 9GB SE SCSI-2 $403 A5158A Fiber Channel Adapt. $975 A3647A 4GB HH Hot-Swap $58 A5159A Dual FWD Contrl. $375 A3649A 9GB HH Hot-Swap $115 A5506A PCI 4 port 100Base TX Adapt. $375 A5272A SC10, 0x0 w/addt. Bus. Contr. $978 B5509A PCI 10 Base-T LAN Adpt. $150 A5277A FC60 w/Dual, 256mb cache Call J2157A FDDI Interface Card $113 A3183A 4-8GB DDS 2 DAT Int. $201 J3516A 100 Base-T 2Port LAN Adapt. $263 C6375A Smart Rack DLT 7000 $748 J3591A Secure Web Console $150 C6363A Smart Rack DDS 2 DAT $230 Miscellaneous: $0 C6365A Smart Rack DDS 3 DAT $460 A4902A E41 Std. System Rack Call C4315A Smart Rack DVD-Rom $259 A5137AZ Modular Pwr. for Std. Rack $113 C4317A Smart Rack Encl. $230 C1099A Terminal Console $338 C4318B SmartRack F/H Enclosure $230 A57171A Redundant Power for N-Class $375