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9 TO 5 COMPUTER realizes you have a choice when it comes to choosing an IT Hardware provider. Whether you require new cutting edge technology, used tested equipment, fully refurbished gear, repair, rental, on-site service or a maintenance contract, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER can meet your demands. We have been serving the industry since 1979 as an international family owned and operated computer products distributor.

MicroNet manufactures the highest quality storage products available. All of our products are covered by a comprehensive warranty policy. MicroNet’s philosophy on service and support dedicates the resources our customers need when they need them most. We stand behind our products with specialists that can answer any question that comes up.


hard drive duplicators

tape drive repair

MicroNet Disk Arrays

MicroNet Desktop RAID Storage Solutions

MicroNet Genesis V Rack Mount RAID Storage Solutions

Micronet Network Attached Storage

with iSCSI High Performance
5 Bay Desktop Enclosure
with iSCSI High Performance 1u 4 Bay Rackmount Enclosure
with iSCSI High Performance 2u 8 Bay Rackmount Enclosure
MaxNAS4R High Performance 1u 4 Bay Rackmount NAS
MaxNAS8R High Performance 2u 8 Bay Rackmount NAS
High Performance 1u 4 Bay Rackmount NAS

MaxNAS8R 8-16TB NAS/ RAID High Performance 2u 8 Bay Rackmount NAS

MaxNAS 2.5-10TB NAS/RAID with iSCSI
Higher performance and increased speed

G-Force MegaDisk NAS
MaxNAS RAID with iSCSI Spare Drive Module
G-Force MegaDisk NAS
The latest addition to the
G-Force MegaDisk family of storage products
MaxNAS Drive Module
Can be added to your network in minutes and requires no networking experience to install!
Extended Warranties


Genesis V RAID Arrays Platinum RAID SCSI-U320 MaxNAS RAID Storage Solution

Fantom Drives External Hard Drives MicroNet RAID Arrays NAS Network Attached Storage Power Adaptor, Drive Modules, eSATA cable Products on Sale MicroNet Online Store

Micronet External Hard Drives

Green Drive Quad Interface External Hard Drive
GreenDrive II eSATA/USB Hard Drive
Green Drive USB 2.0 and eSATA External Hard Drive
GreenDrive Quad
USB 2.0, eSATA, FireWire 400, FireWire 800
GreenDrive II eSATA/USB
eSATA cable & NTI shadow 4 with Ninja software for PC & Mac
USB 2.0, eSATA
G-Force eSATA / USB External Hard Drive
G-Force eSATA / USB External Hard Drive
G-Force MegaDisk eSATA/USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
with NTI Shadow 4
MegaDisk eSATA/USB
G-Force Triple Interface, eSATA,  FireWire 400, USB 2.0 External Hard Drive
Titanium II FireWire + USB 2.0 Hard Drive
Titanium Mini Portable External Hard Drive
G-Force Triple Interface
eSATA, FW400, USB 2.0
Titanium II Combo
FW400, USB 2.0
Titanium Mini Portable
Hi-speed USB 2.0


AVAILABILITY: 9 TO 5 COMPUTER carries a large inventory of New, Refurbished & Used parts like PRDM-1500SA  "PRDM-1500SA--Micronet-1.5TB-Drive-Module-for-Platinum-RAID-SC320,-and-SATA" by Fantom Drives and Micronet . Most products are shipped on the same day as ordered. You will receive a shipment confirmation once your product has been shipped.

WARRANTY*: Warranty period will vary depending on the condition and arrangements made based in each individual purchase from 9 TO 5 COMPUTER.

RE-CERTIFIED: All used products including PRDM-1500SA by Fantom Drives and Micronet are re-certified by knowledgeable product engineers and are guaranteed to be in excellent working condition.

SELL TO US: Sell your new, refurbished, used PRDM-1500SA to 9 TO 5 COMPUTER. We are always looking for sources of used information technology equipment,  or allow you to trade up to the most leading edge technolgy manufacturers. Click here to see the list of manufacturers we are proud to support---








PRDM-1500SA,   "PRDM-1500SA--Micronet-1.5TB-Drive-Module-for-Platinum-RAID-SC320,-and-SATA"

PRDM-2000SA,   "PRDM-2000SA--Micronet-2TB-Drive-Module-for-Platinum-RAID-SC320,-and-SATA"

PRWAR1,   PRWAR1--Micronet-Additional-1-year-Extended-Warranty-for-Platinum-RAID

PRWAR2,   PRWAR2--Micronet-Additional-2-year-Extended-Warranty-for-Platinum-RAID

SCB-1000GB4,   "SCB-1000GB4--Micronet-SANcube-800-1.0TB,-4-user-Firewire-800-SAN--"

SCB-1250GB4,   "SCB-1250GB4--Micronet-SANcube-800-1.25TB,-4-user-Firewire-800-SAN-"

SCB-1500GB4,   "SCB-1500GB4--Micronet-SANcube-800-1.5TB,-4-user-Firewire-800-SAN"

SCB-2000GB4,   "SCB-2000GB4--Micronet-SANcube-800-2.0TB,-4-user-Firewire-800-SAN"

8FWCB24,   8FWCB24--Micronet-Firewire-800-9-pin-to-Firewire-800-9-pin-24ft-Cable