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What   is Magstar Technology?  

IBM Storage & 9 to 5 Computer distributors of data storage drives,
tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

What Is Magstar Technology?

IBM 3590 Magstar Products |IBM announced the IBM 3590 High Performance Tape | Subsystem, which featured the new Magstar tape drive. Highlights of that | announcement were: · New type of metal particle medium with binder formulation for reliability and archive life. The new medium is used in a cartridge with a capacity of 10 GB uncompacted data. The new IBM 3590 High Performance Tape Cartridge is specifically developed for the IBM 3590. Its outer shape is compatible with current half-inch cartridges, which permits handling in the IBM 3494 and 3495 Automated Tape Library Dataservers. · Ten-cartridge magazine provides quick loading and removing a set of cartridges to and from Automatic Cartridge Facility (ACF). The magazine can hold up to ten cartridges. · Automatic Cartridge Facility, which can hold one 10-cartridge magazine, plus an eleventh slot for specific mounts, providing an online capacity of more than 300 GB compacted data. The ACF can work in the following two modes in addition to all modes offered by the IBM 3490E Automatic Cartridge Loader (ACL): - Accumulate mode, where operator-mounted volumes will, at unload time, be placed in the magazine - Random mode, where the ACF can be programmed using host software to mount any of the 10 cartridges in the magazine.

In the absence of the final performance information relating to the IBM 3590 High Performance Tape Subsystem that uses the Magstar tape drive, this chapter discusses the 3490E performance characteristics and how they relate to effective data rate and overall performance of the 3490E subsystems. The discussion is then extended to the new Magstar tape drive devices, developing ideas and issues of most importance when considering the improvements in native drive performance available with the Magstar tape drive. The general nature of the discussions and diagrams relates to all relevant platforms (for example, ES/9000, S/390 Parallel Server, RISC/6000, and AS/400). However, the tape performance in any subsystem will depend on the implementation, applications, and thus platform. The actual throughput a customer can achieve is a function of many components, such as system processor, disk data rate, data block size, data compressibility, I/O attachments, and system and application software.

Operation | Four types of operation are described: | · Manual mode | Varying the Library Storage Module (LSM) offline while the HSC is active | allows you to enter the LSM and load cartridges manually into the IBM | 3590-B1A drives. To load a cartridge manually, with the metal washer facing | down, gently slide the cartridge into the drive˘s loading slot until it stops. | Then, push the cartridge into the drive; after you push the cartridge about 1.5 | cm into the drive, the loading mechanism pulls the cartridge into the drive | and completes the load. | Some LSM actions can leave the drive unable to load a cartridge on the first | mount after opening the LSM door. If pushing the cartridge into the drive | fails to start the loader, leave the cartridge in the slot and select ALLOW | LOAD on the display panel main menu. This should start the load. If it does | not, remove the cartridge and repeat the manual loading procedure. | In manual mode, the panel displays the cartridge VOLSER and LSM cell | coordinates. | · Drive cleaning | When IBM units are intermixed with StorageTek drives and media in an | Automated Cartridge System, special measures are required to ensure that | the IBM 3590 cleaning cartridges are mounted on IBM 3590-B1A drives, and | StorageTek cleaning cartridges are mounted on StorageTek drives. Since a | single cleaning prefix is available in support of all tape drives in an | Automated Cartridge System, either IBM 3590-B1A drives or StorageTek | drives, but not both, can be enabled for automatic cleaning. | At installation, the IBM 3590-B1A drives are configured to either enable or | disable autocleaning in the Automated Cartridge System environment. It is | recommended that IBM 3590 drives be enabled for autocleaning only when | they are in an Automated Cartridge System containing only IBM 3590 drives | and media. In a mixed-drive or mixed media Automated Cartridge System, | the IBM 3590 drives are configured so that they do not request cleaning. | Autocleaning is enabled for the Automated Cartridge System, but will be | requested only by the StorageTek drives. IBM 3590-B1A drive cleaning is | accomplished through special, regularly scheduled jobs that request | mounting of an IBM 3590 cleaning cartridge on a specific IBM 3590 drive. | Typically, once every day is sufficient; customize your cleaning schedule | based on drive usage. | An example of a drive cleaning program and job control language can be | obtained through FTP service. See Appendix A, “Sample Cleaning | Program” on page 241 for more information. The cleaning program in that | example receives a drive address as an input parameter. Defined constants | in the program specify the cleaning prefix MGC and the high and low | sequence numbers, 000-020, for the range of available cleaning cartridges. | An additional defined constant specifies the maximum number of times that | a cleaning cartridge should be used. | The example program searches for a suitable cleaning cartridge by starting | at the low end of the range and issuing an SLSXREQ QVOLUME command | for the VOLSER. If a cartridge is encountered that has been mounted for the | maximum number of times, it is ejected from the library by means of | SLSXREQ EJECT. 236 IBM 3590 Tape Subsystem Technical Guide.


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