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IBM 3490 Tape System Family  

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IBM 3490-E01

The 3490-E01 is a table-top version. See the Model E11 for the rack- mounted version. This Enhanced Capability model is a substantially lower priced 3490E tape subsystem designed for the RS/6000* and AS/400*. The 3490E family of tapes are the fastest, most reliable tape systems available from IBM for AS/400 and for RS/6000. It includes a seven cartridge Cartridge Stack Loader, a 16-bit, fast-and-wide, SCSI-Differential Interface, a 3490E tape transport, and an integrated control unit. The maximum effective throughput is up to 6.5MB per second. The seven-cartridge Cartridge Stack Loader provides an automated, unattended backup capacity of up to 16.8 GB with compressible data. Uncompressed, the capacity is up to 5.6 GB. Compression is provided by the 3490E's IDRC data compression hardware.

IBM 3490 Tape System Family
The IBM 3490 is a family of Magnetic Tape Subsystems designed to provide significant tape subsystem performance and cartridge capacity improvements.

The 3490 Magnetic Tape Subsystem family offers solutions to business requirements in the areas of adaptability, maintenance, reliability and availability, usability, and exploitation. All 3490 Magnetic Tape Subsystems can attach to multiple processors and are supported by MVS, VM, AIX/ESA*, AIX/6000*, and OS/400*.

The IBM 3490 family's innovative packaging provides environmental characteristics that are far superior to those of previous tape technologies.


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