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We Have the Best Prices for Hard Drive Duplicators


We Have the Best Prices for Hard Drive Duplicators and Clone Hard Drive Duplicator Products.

9to5 Computer Stocks HDD Duplicators, Hard Drive Duplicators and Clone Hard Drive Duplicator at the best prices on the internet. Hard Drive Duplicators allow you to move your data to the latest, reliable Hard Drives on the market. SATA Serial Drives and our ATA Duplication equipment make the transition to SATA Serial ATA Duplication easy. Call us for Hard Drive Duplicators, Clone Hard Drive Duplicator systems and HDD Duplicators today! SAS Hard Drive Duplication made easy, Forensics Hard Drive Duplicator, Hard Drive Duplicator Comparison.

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We have a wide variety of hard drive duplicators, clone hard drive duplicator, flash drive duplicator, hdd duplicators that are hard to obtain, and did we mention that we have the lowest prices on hard drive duplicators. If you are about to tackle a large hard drive duplication job you owe it to yourself to give us a call for the lowest prices on hard drive duplicators and clone hard drive duplicator systems. 9to5 Computer Has a Huge Inventory Of HDD Duplicator, Hard Drive Duplicators, Factory Direct HDD Duplicator, CD DVD Duplicator, Firewire Compatibility FAQ Upgrading, Flash Drive Duplicator and Hard Drive Duplication, Hard Drive Cloning, Logiccube Clone Cards, SAS Hard Drive Duplication all on sale.

9to5 Computer carries new Hard Drive Duplicators, Hard Drive Cloners and Hard Drive Replicators for many leading brands. If you are looking for a Hard Drive Copier, Forensics Hard Drive Duplicators, Thumb Drive Duplicators, USB Drive Duplicators, Refurbished Hard Drive Duplicators. We also can help you repair a Hard Drive Duplicator, USB Flash Drive Duplicator with Hard Drive Degaussers and Hard Drive Destroyers.

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Featured Vendor >>>Logicube (click here for Logicube Hard Drive Duplicator Comparison)

Logicube Hard Drive Duplicator


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Aleratec Hard Drive and DVD Dulplicator


Arco Hard Drive Duplicators and Peripherals , EZ-Copy DD3, DD4


Century KD25/35PRO HDD Duplicator, Hard Drive Replicator, Hard Drive Cloner


CSC Hard Drive Duplication Stations

>>>Greystone Systems

Greystone Systems Hard Drive Duplicators

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International Microsystems USB, CF Card, SD/MMC Duplicator


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Kanguru DVD and Hard Drive Duplicators


Logicube Hard Drive Duplicator


NexCopy Hard Drive Duplicator- USB, SD


Systor DVD CD Duplicator USB SD Hard Drive Duplicator


VConsole USB Flash Drive, SD, SDHC, Compact Flash Duplicator

>>>Vin Power Digital

The Cube, Titan, Titan Lite, Titan Pro, Titan Supreme, Titan Lite Auto Eraser

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Tower Duplicators, Rackmount Duplicators, Automated Duplicators, Integrated Duplicator/Printer, Network Duplicators


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USB Flash Duplicators, SDHC Flash Duplicators,

20 port compact flash duplicator , USB Hard Drive Duplicator

Please call us at 800.334.3282 and we will help you find what you are looking for.

logic cube hard drive duplicators

Maximum number of target drives 1 1 2,5 or 10 5 1 or 4
General data transfer rate 2GB/min 6GB/min 4GB/min +5GB/min 2.3GB/min
Compatible data transfer interfaces IDE, SATA, PCMCIA IDE, SATA, PCMCIA, USB, Firewire IDE, SATA SAS, SATA, Optional IDE and SCSI to SAS converter SCSI
Maximum hard disk size All current capacity All current capacity All current capacity All current capacity All current capacity
Supports most solid state drives Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Supports eSATA & microSATA drivers ( with optional cables) Yes Yes Yes Yes No
User Interface Keypad Color touch screen Touch screen Keypad Keypad
USB Connectivty Standard Standard Standard Standard N/A
Compact Flash port NA Yes Yes Yes N/A
OmniPORT ( for USB Flash devices ) option compatibility Yes Yes Yes N/A N/A
MirrorCopy™ Standard Standard Standard Standard Standard
MasterManager™ N/A Standard Optional Standard Standard
NTFS CleverCopy™ Standard Standard Optional Standard Standard
Selective Partitions™ N/A Standard Optional Standard Standard
OmniDiagnostics™ (Scan, Recover, Wipe) N/A Optional Optional Optional (Wipe Only) Optional (Wipe Only)

Echo and Omniclone New Hard Drive Duplicator Offerings:


Logicube's smallest IDE/SATA hard drive duplication solution. Clone from one hard drive to another at speeds reaching 1.8 GB/min.

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OmniClone 2Xi
Portable, high-speed, 2 target, UDMA/IDE drive duplication, and diagnostics system. Ideal for production grade hard drive duplication.

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The Forensic Talon vs The Fornesics Quest
The Logicube Talon® is the fastest, most complete data capturing system, simultaneously capturing DD images while authenticating (SHA-256) at 4 GB/min.

Call now for customized specs and pricing!

The OmniWipe from Logicube is the ideal way to quickly wipe drives prior to using them for data capturing purposes. The powerful OmniWipe sanitizes multiple IDE, EIDE, UDMA and SATA drives simultaneously at up to 2.3GB/min.

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    :Logicube DVD Duplicators        
Logicube F-OLY2DVD Dual 2 Drive DVD Duplicator
Logicube F-OLY4DVD Dual 4 Drive DVD Duplicator
Logicube F-OLY6DVD Dual 6 Drive DVD Duplicator
Logicube F-OLY8DVD 8 Drive DVD Duplicator


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Logicube's smallest and most affordable IDE hard drive duplication solution. Clone from one hard drive to another at almost 1 GB/min.

  Forensic SF-5000   Forensic SF-5000 | Talon Forensics Hard Drive Duplicator | Quest Forensics Hard Drive Duplicator
This hand-held IDE hard drive data capturing system is ideal for on-site forensic hard drive data seizure by law enforcement, corporate security, and cyber crime prosecution.
OmniClone 10Xi  

OmniClone 10Xi

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The OmniClone Xi represents a new paradigm in high-speed, multi-target, production-grade parallel ATA (PATA)/serial ATA (SATA) hard drive duplication.

  OmniClone 2u  

OmniClone 2u

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Portable, high-speed, 2 target, UDMA/IDE drive duplication, and diagnostics system. Ideal for production grade hard drive duplication.

OmniClone 2u USB   OmniClone 2u USB Order Now!
Portable, high-speed, 2 target, UDMA/IDE drive duplication with embedded USB, and diagnostics system.
  OmniClone 5Xi  

OmniClone 5Xi

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The OmniClone 5Xi represents a new paradigm in high-speed, multi-target, production-grade parallel ATA (PATA)/serial ATA (SATA) hard drive duplication.

OmniSCSI 4  

OmniSCSI 4

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The only SCSI standalone, mixed master hard drive duplication system.

  OmniSCSI One to One  

OmniSCSI One to One

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High performance one-to-one, high-speed, self-contained SCSI/SCSI duplication system

Solitaire Turbo  

Solitaire Turbo

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Clone any UDMA/IDE hard drive at 1.8 GB/min. or via USB at 700 MB/min.

Solitaire Turbo w/ Keypad  

Solitaire Turbo w/ Keypad

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Clone any UDMA/IDE hard drive at 1.8 GB/min. or via USB at 700 MB/min. Considered the industry's best hard drive duplicator, the key adds functionality to the Solitaire Turbo.



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The Sonix hard drive duplicator transfers data to and from hard drives at up to 3.3 GB/min. With built-in USB, SATA, and IDE connectivity, the Sonix is ready for immediate access to any drive.


OmniSAS 5 Target Hard Drive Duplicator NEW!!!!!!!!!



The OmniSAS™ five-target hard drive duplication solution addresses current the current market trend towards SAS hard drive technology. The OmniSAS allows users to clone from SAS, SATA, SCSI or IDE drives to either SAS, SATA or IDE drives (SCSI and IDE support available as options)-


Hard Drive Duplicator FAQ

FAQ's: Clonecard FAQs | Solitaire FAQs | Solitaire Forensics FAQs | OmniClone FAQs | Echo FAQs

How does the Clone Card® determine the size of partitions on the target drive?
In the default CleverCopy mode, all known partitions (FAT16/FAT32/NTFS) are scaled proportionally to the ratio of master/target size. All unknown partitions (e.g. HPFS, UNIX etc.) are mirrored, that is they maintain their size. Please note that FAT16 partitions cannot exceed 2.1GB when scaled up, nor be smaller than 32MB when scaled down.

Can the Clone Card® de-fragment a partition?
Yes. Use the Selective mode, scroll to the desired partition, and
toggle the icon to the left of it until the de-frag symbol appears. Hit CLONE NOW! Button twice to start the cloning session. De-fragmenting is somewhat slower than other cloning methods, and is currently available to FAT16/FAT32 partitions only.

Can the Clone Card® clone to dissimilar drives?
Yes. The Clone Card® will take care of all the necessary adjustments of target drive structures to ensure the drive (of any size) will be valid and bootable. Many mixtures of master and target drive sizes (up to 25GB) were tested, and found valid. The above is true for all master drives that contain FAT16/FAT32/NTFS type partitions. Unknown partition types are cloned in mirror mode, and typically require identical (or very similar) master and target drives to guarantee a successful clone.

Why do I sometimes see transfer speeds as fast as 850MB/min, and other times as slow as 200MB/min?

There are many factors that determine transfer speed:
The age of the drives - The speed of the operation is governed by the slowest drive in the system. If an old drive is used, chances are it cannot sustain high transfer speed. Newer drives have faster electronics and larger caches, and can sustain rates as high as 16MB/sec.

The type of operation performed - When cloning FAT16 partitions, it is sometimes necessary to change the cluster class of the partition. It such cases, the Clone Card® "engages" a more complex algorithm to ensure proper alignment of structures on the target. This results in a slower process.

Master drive with bad or weak sectors - With the Sector Recovery option enabled, the system will attempt to recover data from bad or weak sectors found on the master drive. This is a time consuming operation that could cause the overall speed of cloning to drop.

Can the Clone Card® clone file systems such as UNIX, and HPFS?
Yes, but results are guaranteed only if cloned between identical drives. However, it is reported that UNIX partitions will self-repair upon the first boot.

Do target drives have to be partitioned and formatted prior to copying?
No. Target drives need not be partitioned or otherwise treated. Clone Card® disregards everything on the target drive, and re-formats and partitions the target on-the-fly.

My target drive will not boot? Why?

Please check several things:

If the target drive is larger than 4GB, and is hosted by a PC with a Phoenix BIOS dated earlier than Nov. 1997, you may need to set the CHS translation setting to Large, and try to clone again. If this is not the case, please check that the above setting is NOT set to Large, but rather to the default setting: LBA.
Make sure that the first partition selected for cloning on the master consists of a valid operating system, like Win98. Since it is perfectly OK to select a data-only partition to be cloned, one cannot expect to be able to boot from such target.
The Master drive is corrupted. This may not show-up with casual booting of the master, but problems such as cross-linked clusters can cause serious cloning errors. We recommend checking every master with Scandisk prior to cloning. Future software versions of Clone Card® will allow "scandisking" the master on the unit.

All but the first partition is missing from the target drive? How did that happen?

This is usually a result of a wrong CHS translation setting. Hit the Set button, and scroll down to the CHS translation mode item. Toggle to the other state (LARGE or LBA), and try to clone again.

How does the Clone Card® handle bad sectors on the master and target?
Bad (or "weak") sectors on the master are handled in the following way:

If the Sector Recovery option has been installed, the Clone Card® will attempt to recover the data of any master sector encountered during the cloning session.
If the above option is not installed (or has been disabled) the Clone Card® will abort the cloning process upon hitting the first bad sector. Note that the Clone Card® will still make several attempts to correctly read the sector in question, but unless a perfect read was achieved, the process will abort.

Bad sectors on targets are handled as follows:
If the Verify setting is disabled, the Clone Card® will not detect bad sectors on the target. Note, however, that newer drives use automatic reallocation and will rarely exhibit a bad sector, and thus reduce the probability of a problem to a negligible amount.
With the Verify setting set, the Clone Card® will abort the operation upon detecting the first bad sector. Future versions of the Clone Card® software will support bad sector marking in file tables.

Are NT 4GB FAT16 partitions supported?

How does the Clone Card® handle NT Security Identification? ID (SID) duplication issues?
The Clone Card® duplicates the SID. It is recommended that a SID changer be installed on the master drive, so that the next time the target is booted-up, all SID's will be replaced with fresh ones. The user manual describes this process in detail. Any one of a number of freeware and for-fee SID changers can be used. A freeware SID changer is supplied with the unit to get you started. Logicube cannot assume responsibility to this third party software, and can only offer limited technical support.

Can you briefly explain the difference between mirror copy and CleverCopy?
Mirror copy merely copies all sectors in a given partition (or drive) from the beginning to the specified percentage. It does not look at drive structures, and can thus copy any type of known or unknown data. Since Mirror copy does not determine where useful data start and stop, it ends up copying every sector on the drive, a time consuming operation. CleverCopy analyzes the drive structures, and not only does it only copy sectors that are occupied by useful files and data, it also adjusts the various drive structures to assure a valid and fully partitioned target drive. CleverCopy is by far the most recommended mode of cloning.

Can I clone to/from drives larger than 8.5 Gigabytes?
Yes. The Clone Card® software was designed to support drive up to 132GB. It was tested on drives up to 25GB in size. Note that some PC's cannot "see" drive larger than 8.5GB due to BIOS limitations.

Can I copy from a larger drive to a smaller drive?
Yes, sure. As long as the data content of each partition fits into the scaled down size of its corresponding partition. Otherwise, and error message is displayed.

Can I clone to/from laptop drives?
Yes. Logicube sells 2.5" drive adapters, and can provide adapters to many of the special drive connections on the market. Please call for availability. Or, in cases where the drive cannot be removed from the laptop, you can use the parallel port connection (see manual for details).

Can I clone drives with virus protection software installed?
Yes. But remember to decline the "repair" of the target drive should a virus protection program complain about altered master boot record etc.

The Clone Card® does not recognize my master (or target) drive?

Make sure that the drive jumpers are set as a single master. Drive jumper settings can be found at the drive manufacturer web site.

Why do I have an un-partitioned free space at the end of my target drive?
This typically occurs when the master drive has FAT16 partitions only, and the target is much larger. FAT16 partitions cannot scale to more than 2.1GB each. FAT32 and NTFS partitions do not suffer from this limitation and will always be scaled up to fill the target drive.


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