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PS50E | PS100E | PS100X | PS300E | PS1200E | PS2400E

P4000 SERIES >>>

S4000E iSCSI Array | PS4000E iSCSI Array | PS4000X iSCSI Array | PS4000XV iSCSI Array


P6000 Series >>>

PS6000S iSCSI Array | PS6000E iSCSI Array | PS6000X iSCSI Array | PS6000XV iSCSI Array


PS6500 Series >>>

PS6500E iSCSI Array | PS6500X iSCSI Array


PS6010 Series ***NEW 10GIG iSCSI ARRAYS >>>

PS6010E iSCSI Array | PS6010X iSCSI Array | PS6010XV iSCSI Array

PS6510 Series >>> PS6010S iSCSI Array | PS6510E iSCSI Array | PS6510X iSCSI Array

EqualLogic Enterprise Solutions 

Simplifying Networked Storage

Whether you're looking to consolidate servers to lower operational costs, replicate for data protection or upgrade your Network Attached Storage (NAS) to a full featured iSCSI SAN, EqualLogic offers affordable storage solutions with enterprise-strength performance and reliability with ease of installation, management and growth.

Storage Solutions
Storage Consolidation: iSCSI SAN brings the benefits of storage consolidation to all your data - it is affordable, based on standard protocols, and easy to deploy.

Backup and Recovery: With our automated iSCSI solution, you can backup from a central storage pool, eliminating or reducing the backup window.

Disaster Recovery: EqualLogic storage solutions allow for affordable, fast, and simple disaster recovery with no expensive channel extension equipment, add-on software, or costly staff training.

Business Solutions
E-mail / Messaging: Managing e-mail is simple and cost efficient. EqualLogic patented peer storage architecture provides simple scalability with automatic load balancing for continuous performance improvement.

Databases: Consolidating database storage simplifies management and reduces costs as the EqualLogic architecture makes scaling easy, and as you grow capacity, performance improves with automatic load balancing.



In less than 20 minutes after opening the box, with just a few simple steps and without special expertise, you can have an enterprise-class SAN that can be provisioned as needed - simply, seamlessly and without downtime.

PS Series - Intelligent, Enterprise-Class Storage
Founded on the premise of simplifying networked storage, EqualLogic's PS Series is a family of intelligent, iSCSI-based storage arrays that fundamentally change storage economics from purchase and set up to operation and upgrades. The PS family consists of the PS50E, PS100E, PS100X, PS300E, PS1200E and PS2400E. All configurations are completely interoperable and upgradeable with performance and capacity scaling from a single TB to over 100TB - without disruption of application or data availability.

Enterprise Reliability- Each PS array offers fully-redundant, hot-swappable components including controllers, fan trays, and power supplies. Support for RAID 10 and 50, hot drive sparing, automatic failover and rebuild, and patent-pending proactive media error detection means bottom line: 99.999% data availability or 5 minutes of planned downtime per year.

Enterprise Performance - Starting with 300 MB/sec and 60,000 IOPS, and scaling to more than a million IOPS, the PS Series delivers unmatched performance in its class. Automated load balancing seamlessly moves data across all active RAID sets, maximizing performance by intelligently optimizing network connections, cache, and controllers in real time.

Enterprise Data Services - The PS Series comes standard with a comprehensive set of software features including virtual volume management and space-efficient snapshots for instant backup and restore, volume cloning for rapid server provisioning, and Auto-Replication, multi-path I/O support, and cluster support for comprehensive disaster recovery.

Choose the PS Series array that fits your requirements today with the confidence that you can scale to meet your future needs - without a forklift upgrade or application downtime! 

Economical Entry into Enterprise Storage
EqualLogic offers an unmatched entry point into an enterprise SAN for organizations looking for a tactical storage solution with an eye towards future strategic growth. The PS50E can be unpacked, racked, and fully configured in less than 20 minutes. Its ease-of-use, performance and seamless scalability make it ideal for Web services, databases, file/print, and e-mail applications.

High-end Performance without Complexity
Equipped with (14) 10,000 RPM Western Digital Raptor® disk drives, the PS100X offers more than a TB of high performance storage in a fully-redundant, dual-controller system. The PS100X automatically optimizes array performance without special tuning required, making it a perfect storage system for the intense I/O workloads of enterprise transactional databases.

Comprehensive, Reliable, Proven.
With best-in-class performance of more than 300 MB/sec and 60,000 IOPS, the PS100E and PS300E are full-featured, completely redundant storage arrays that are easy to set up, manage and scale. With capacities including 3.5TB and 7.0TB, these storage systems are proven, reliable storage solutions well suited for database, e-mail, file/print, and Web services applications.

Capacity without Compromise
Designed for organizations that require capacity without compromising performance, the PS1200E and PS2400E deliver 28TB and 56TB at up to 1200 MB/sec and 240,000 IOPS. Like all PS Series arrays, these storage platforms can scale up to 100 TB offering a high-end storage platform for data warehousing, life sciences, large databases, streaming media, and geophysical applications in the mid-sized data center.

The PS Series storage arrays can improve Microsoft applications such as Microsoft® SQL Server 2000 and Microsoft® Exchange® 2003. 





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