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DISC Modular Professional Disc for Data Storage Libraries

DISC Series with Blue Laser Technology- up to 34TB

DISC 1000 BD | DISC 3000 BD | DISC 4000 BD | DISC 7000 BD | Rackmount Option


DISC- Your Archiving Partner



DISC- Managed NAS RAID Server combined with Optical Library

DISC NA | FCS with NSM Series | FCS with DISC Series



DISC Modular CD and DVD Storage Libraries

NSM Series of NearLine Storage up to 6.48TB

NSM3000 | NSM4000 | NSM7000 | Rackmount Option


DISC Network Appliance

Managed Nas Raid Server with Optical Libraries | FCS with DISC Series | FCS with NSM Series


DISC Series (PDD)

DISC 3000 PPD | DISC 4000 PPD | DISC 7000 PPD | Rackmount Option PPD


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