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Dell Spare Parts Index 3



Dell Adapters & Batteries
DELADP21589 85391 / AC Adapter
DELADP45556 5G971 / AC Adapter FP1701
DELADP50122 5U092 / AC Adapter, 65 Watt, 19.5V, World Wide
DELBAT21362 5081P / 5H980 / 1691P / Battery 14.4V - LAT C Series
DELBAT26757 8012P / Battery 50W - LAT CS/CSx
DELBAT31174 923CP / Reserve Battery 7.2V - LAT C600/INSP 4000
DELBAT39417 2M400 / Battery 14.8V - LAT C Series
DELBAT39788 9H348 / Main Battery
DELBAT40398 08366 / CMOS Battery
DELBAT42790 7F253 / C400 External Battery
DELBAT44195 1U515 / 66whr Battery
DELBAT50115 6P758 / 1M590 / 0R160 / 48W/HR, 6 CELL BATTERY, B2, PANASONIC, D-SERIES
DELBAT53009 202GU / Reserve Battery 15mah
DELBAT55176 75481 / Battery CMOS 3V LITH 190MAH

Dell Cables
DELCAB43272 16583 / Desktop Power Cord,220V,2.5M
DELCAB45240 2H301 / Ribon Cable between PWA and Front I/O Panel
DELCAB48444 7542C / Int/Ext SCSI Cable
DELCAB49855 8948X / I/o Scsi Cable, 4m - Ultra High
DELCAB55747 6U352 / Power Cord, Europe
DELCAB62383 D4002 / Cable Assembly I/O PS/2
DELCAB63693 0H924 / Poweredge 6600 68 Pin SCSI Cable
DELCAR49860 83VKG / VRM Card
DELCAR49969 3U183 / ZEMM Kit
DELCAR57014 P0247 / Backplane 1X3 POWEREDGE 1650

Dell CDRoms & DVD's
DELCDR21361 5560D / 5515D / 4533R / 3515D / CD ROM 24x - LAT C Series
DELCDR26174 5500R / Samsung Slimline CD-ROM
DELCDR29789 198EN / CD ROM Drive 24 Speed TEAC - LAT C
DELCDR33290 36RDU / 24x Toshiba slimline TEAC CD-ROM
DELCDR33731 03GDR / CD ROM Teac 24X Slimline Assy - OPTI GX150SF Black
DELCDR34761 5060V / NEC 40X CD- ROM Drive, Black
DELCDR38931 3F591 / CD-RW X8 - Lat C Series
DELCDR42233 6J118 / CDRW 24X - Midnight Grey
DELCDR42719 5044D / CD-Rom - Lat C Series
DELCDR42783 8N275 / CD ROM 48x - Black - Desktop
DELCDR50367 4U342 / CD-RW - Lat C-Series
DELCDR52757 0R397 / TEAC 24X CDROM
DELDVD32404 086XX / 8 X DVD Latitude C - Series
DELDVD42954 0F091 / DVD 16X - Midnight Grey
DELDVD50140 9P811 / 7P750 / DVD, 8X, TOSHIBA D-MOD
DELDVD55754 9J263 / DVD x16 - Midnight Grey
DELDVD57127 M1687 / HDLS 8x DVD ROM
DELDVD57561 Y1557 / CDRW/DVD Drive Latitude D-Series
DELDVD57978 P1284 / HLDS HLDS Slim 8X DVD (slim)
DELDVD60432 X1612 / DVD/CDRW Smsng slim combo 24X24 - SN-324F
DELDVD60750 X4479 / DVD+RW 8x Slim

Dell CPU's
DELCPU31703 3100T / P3 550MHz P3 Assembly - SFX Chassis Only
DELCPU32382 099NG / P3 866MHz Coppermine Processor Assembly
DELCPU33922 30CYK / Celeron 600Mhz Processor
DELCPU35384 1C736 / P3 1GB Processor
DELCPU45198 9K795 / P4 2Ghz Processor
DELCPU46391 4K249 / P4 1.6ghz Processor, D0 Stepping
DELCPU48809 4M266 / PIII 1.4 Ghz Tualitin Processor
DELCPU56528 3U922 / 2.4 Ghz Processor
DELCPU56541 C0724 / CPU Northwood, 80532, 2.8G, 512K
DELCPU58168 G0101 / CPU Northwood 80532, 3.0G, 512, 800FSB
DELCPU62392 C3823 / 2.8Ghz Processor Prescott 80547 1M 800 Socket-T
DELCPU62505 6Y806 / 2.4Ghz 400FSB Svc Kit (CPU 3U922) (H/S 5Y886)
DELCPU62619 6Y802 / 2.0Ghz 400FSB Proc Svc kit (CPU 7U288) (H/S 5Y886)

Dell Controllers
DELCTR31743 44TXF / Long Vail PERC 2 Card (Remove handle for 879CT)
DELCTR35518 0C705 / Taos lite controller kit - Perc 3 DCL Inc 64Mb
DELCTR37535 47JFR / Perc3 128mb Dual Channel Short Card
DELCTR37551 04CVF / 2940 Lvdiff Controller Card
DELCTR46493 2J902 / 29160n SCSI Controller Card
DELCTR54877 0650E / CRD,PERC,PCI/S,64B

Dell Floppy Drives
DELFDD21600 9886C / Floppy Disk Drive
DELFDD26180 7020T / Floppy Disk Drive (White)
DELFDD38494 8F371 / Floppy Disk Drive
DELFDD47027 2D067 / Floppy Drive, 1.44M, 3.5 in. Form Factor
DELFDD47385 5R212 / Floppy Drive (NEC) - PREC340/350/530 DIM44/4550/82
DELFDD48157 9H570 / Floppy Disk Drive Slim Line
DELFDD54263 1W415 / Slim Sony FDD 1.0 cost reduction

Dell Graphic Cards
DELGRB30986 76CXH / 16Mb NVidia TNT2 M64 PCI Video Card - OPT GX115
DELGRB40081 1E200 / HMGA2 F - Nv15 Video Card Revision 2x32
DELGRB54133 1G209 / ATI - 32MB Rage Ultra 128 (Low Profile)
DELGRB54314 4Y905 / ATI R200 Fire GL E1, 64MB DDR, Dual DVI, 4XAGP
DELGRB56806 4D666 / Universal Power Distribution BoarD

Dell Heatsinks
DELH/S45149 5N885 / Heatsink P- Processor
DELH/S45231 5P573 / Heatsink & Fan Assembly, Custom, Pentium 4
DELH/S46312 9H010 / Heatsinks Assy Cstm Pga2
DELH/S52289 7R769 / Heatsink & Fan Assy Pentium 4 Northwood.3.0.SD
DELH/S56584 N1240 / Heatsink 2.8GHZ Grease Optiplex GX270 SFF
DELH/S57820 D0079 / Optiplex GX270 SD H/S P4 Less Than 3.06Ghz
DELH/S59738 C0129 / Heatsink, Pentium 4, 3.06Ghz and Above SFF chassis
DELH/S63903 W4254 / Assy Heatsink Xnn Tmd Dim

Dell HDD's
DELHDD27026 31YMK / 10Gb 9.5mm IDE Hard Drive - Laptop (1434P alt)
DELHDD29216 1678P / 9.1Gb 10K U160 80pin SCSI Hard Drive
DELHDD29219 59PHV / 10Gb IDE 7.2K ATA-100 Hard Drive
DELHDD29412 67YGJ / 15Gb 7.2K IDE Hard Drive - DIM/OPT
DELHDD29710 446PC / 9Gb 7.2K 68 pin U3 SCSI HDD - PWR 13/14/6450
DELHDD30481 22TEC / 10Gb 5400rpm Hard Drive
DELHDD31427 61TTY / 20Gb Maxtor Rigel
DELHDD31880 58DUV / DK23BA-20 / 20Gb 9.5mm IDE Hard Drive - Laptop
DELHDD34704 009PX / 18GB 10K 80pin IBM
DELHDD35353 28KYG / 10GB,9.5MM,IBM,C600
DELHDD35541 63ECX / 18Gb Quantum SCSI HDD
DELHDD37670 79RDM / 18GB U3/160 7.2K 80P IBM
DELHDD37807 7H666 / 18gb 10k Fjts S1 80p 1"
DELHDD39028 2E283 / 30Gb 9.5mm IBM Hard Drive - Laptop
DELHDD39093 04NEK / 18Gb 10K F3 FC LP 520 SGT HDD - PV 650F/630F
DELHDD39179 4D824 / 36G,FC,F3,1",10K,SGT,MOON
DELHDD41392 3M074 / 20Gb 9.5mm 4.2K IDE Toshiba - Laptop
DELHDD42171 9H098 / 36gb,10k,fjtsu S1,68p,
DELHDD42296 5K809 / 20gb 9.5mm Laptop Ata-100
DELHDD42353 2G340 / 36Gb U3 10K MXT 80Pin 1"
DELHDD42415 2M629 / 20Gb Hard Drive 4.2 K 9.5mm ATA 100 - Laptop
DELHDD45220 4G167 / 40Gb 9.5mm Hard Drive - Laptop
DELHDD45258 2K043 / 20Gb (5400rpm) Western Digital Hard Drive
DELHDD46291 8485R / 18GB 68Pin U160 10K FUJI
DELHDD48358 0U407 / 20Gb 5400rpm Maxtor Athena Family
DELHDD50290 2W649 / 40gb Ide 7.2k 80g/p Mxt-apollo ATA-133
DELHDD51327 9Y782 / 36Gb 10K 80Pin U160 1in Scsi Hard Drive
DELHDD51330 3R685 / 36Gb U320 10K 80P 1" Fujitsu SCSI HDD
DELHDD54326 5W925 / 36Gb Scsi Hard Drive MAX Cobra U4/320
DELHDD54806 8Y748 / 36Gb U3/160 68p 10k Seagate
DELHDD55101 N0806 / 40gb Seagate Alpine Ide Hard Drive
DELHDD55216 0R512 / 73GB U320 SCSI Hard Drive, Seagate, 1 inch
DELHDD55779 G0435 / 40Gb IDE 9.5mm 5.4K HDD - Opt SX260/270
DELHDD56292 1T707 / 30Gb 9.5mm Toshiba HDD
DELHDD56722 9X923 / 18G, 15K, U320 SCSI HD Maxtor
DELHDD57012 9X924 / 36G 15K U320 SCSI HDD Maxtor
DELHDD57013 9X925 / 73G 15K U320 SCSI HDD Maxtor
DELHDD58409 Y4233 / 40Gb 7.2K WDXL80 IDE HDD - Dim, Opt, Prec
DELHDD59206 J3771 / 40GB 9.5mm 5.4K HDD Fujitsu -40 +40GB
DELHDD59386 K3401 / 73Gb 10K 80P U320 1" Seagate HDD
DELHDD59428 J4446 / 73G 80P 10K SCSI HDD Fujitsu
DELHDD59484 C3690 / 36Gb U4/320 80P 15K HDD Seagate x
DELHDD60069 U3975 / 40gb Western Digital Xl80 Sata Hdd
DELHDD60136 Y3397 / 36GB, SCSI, 10K, 80P HDD
DELHDD60250 H4888 / Hd,36gb,scsi,u320,10k,80p,fjt
DELHDD60644 P5331 / 40G,I,7.2K,2M,80G/P,SGT-ALP
DELHDD61776 9T597 / 73GB U320 10K 80pin 1in SCSI HDD IBM
DELHDD62551 R4780 / 73Gb Scsi U320 10K 80P MXT HDD
DELHDD62641 C4360 / 36Gb 15K 80P SCSI U320 Maxtor HDD
DELHDD63321 C5609 / 73Gb U320 10K 1IN 80P SGT Hard Drive
DELHDD63656 5H329 / 40Gb Serial ATA Lead Free WD-XL80SD-2

Dell Keyboards
DELKEY21364 1907D / UK Keyboard
DELKEY21998 5340D / UK Keyboard
DELKEY23035 0955P / US Keyboard
DELKEY23881 1904T / Keyboard - uk
DELKEY26561 93GDJ / UK 105 Key Keyboard
DELKEY26562 82JPJ / UK 105 Key Keyboard "Small box"
DELKEY27733 4121P / UK Keyboard
DELKEY34101 4C041 / UK Keyboard LATITUDE C500/C600
DELKEY35736 0C093 / German Keyboard R2
DELKEY37871 1C070 / French - Keyboard
DELKEY42697 7U030 / UK Keyboard - Replacement for 1655P
DELKEY44132 5N292 / UK 105 PS2 NMB Midnight Grey Keyboard
DELKEY59287 95145 / Slimline W95 French Keyboard
DELKEY60843 2R415 / 105 Key UK Keyboard

Dell LCD's
DELLCD31175 87TJN / 14.1" IBM XGA LCD (W Cable/Inv) - C600/4000
DELLCD35322 37TTK / 15" UXGA Sharp LCD Assy - 8100/C800/C810
DELLCD40675 4E080 / 12" LCD Assembly - Complete Screen - Lat C400
DELLCD41882 0K981 / 14.1" IBM XGA LCD (W Cable/Inv) - C610/4100
DELLCD45040 0K972 / 12" Samsung LCD Assembly - Lat X200
DELLCD47010 0K983 / 14.1" Samsung XGA LCD (W Cable/Inv) - C610/4100
DELLCD50113 D1002 / 14.1" Sharp SXGA+ LCD (W Cable/Inv) - D500/D600
DELLCD53177 2U482 / 14.1" Sharp SXGA+ LCD (W Cable/Inv) - C600/4000
DELLCD56600 U0273 / 12.1 XGA LCD Assy (Samsung) - Lat D400

Dell Memory
DELMEM21623 18778 / 256Mb 100MHz ECC SDRAM DIMM
DELMEM21672 89285 / 66934 / 64Mb EDO 60ns SODIMM
DELMEM22558 19416 / 128MB ECC SDRAM 100MHz
DELMEM22966 1479D / 128Mb 50ns ECC Non Buffered DIMM
DELMEM23845 6332P / 256Mb 100MHz SDRAM SODIMM
DELMEM23912 3395D / 256 NonECC memory
DELMEM27591 4934D / 256MB 100MHz Bus DIMM
DELMEM29625 48WJW / 256MB SDRAM at 133MHz
DELMEM29712 94PXC / 256Mb 133 MHz 32x72 4K SDRAM - POWER
DELMEM30357 58JEV / 256MB 100Mhz Dimm - Latitude LS H400St
DELMEM31708 160XM / 512Mb DIMM(Max Qty 4)
DELMEM33216 4020T / 256Mb DIMM(Re-instated to CPL)(Max Qty 4)
DELMEM41467 4F453 / 512Mb DIMM - Laptop - 133Mhz
DELMEM45072 3G830 / 512MB SDRAM at 133MHz
DELMEM48379 501JU / 512M DIMM
DELMEM54375 F0598 / 256Mb, 333M Memory Dimm , NON ECC
DELMEM54376 6W575 / 256Mb,DIMM 266M,DRR Tech.,64x64,NON ECC
DELMEM60895 6Y025 / 8Gb Memory Card V4
DELMEM61976 X1560 / 256MB 400MHz, 32X72 DIMM
DELCOV21389 2693D / 2107D / Base Assembly
DELCOV33401 57VWG / 27VRU / Bottom Cover w/feet (qty. 4)
DELCOV35107 7151V / Top Cover (includes badge,and right and left hinge
DELCOV36163 97UEF / 14.1" SXGA+ Top Cover (W Hinges)

Dell Misc
DELEXP63787 DELEXP63787 / Sds 100 Storage System
DELFAN45151 2D207 / Fan, 5V, Heatsink
DELFAN46666 5J294 / Fan Assembly
DELFAN51721 9G180 / Blower Fan for Processor 97X33MM 12V
DELFAN53988 4R197 / FAN, B2
DELFAN57656 G0522 / New fan assembly PE2600 V2
DELBAK46012 6148U / 2X2 SCSI Backplane PWA - PE6450
DELBAK50633 123PH / 2x2 Active Backplane PWA
DELBAK61487 K8987 / Backplane - Power 2850
DELMIS22086 85838 / 3 Fan Assy (W Shroud & Fans) - Power 43/44/63/6400
DELMIS22097 5005C / Control Panel PCB
DELMIS22101 0957C / HPL Fan Assembly - 3 fans
DELMIS23028 03269 / Bezel (lid) OPTIPLEX GX1 L
DELMIS23036 0082R / Palm Rest Dual Point Keyboard Bezel
DELMIS27790 1107D / Palmrest Sub-assembly
DELMIS28783 2799C / Left Hinge for 13.3" LCD - LAT CPi A XT
DELMIS30566 6568C / 85408 / HDD Interposer
DELMIS31036 2864D / Screw M3x3 for HDD carrier - LAT LS
DELMIS31173 30TFW / Palmrest Assembly
DELMIS31176 212UM / Heatsink Fan, 5V,
DELMIS31799 3575D / 1x2 Active Bckpln Daghtercard PWA
DELMIS32004 9996D / Display Latch Assy 12.1/13.3
DELMIS32137 625FR / Common LCD Flex cable
DELMIS32138 19EXF / Module Latch Kit(spring, button, latch)
DELMIS32140 00CUR / LCD Bezel
DELMIS33676 30KRX / New fan with rubber donuts
DELMIS34139 48CVX / HDD Carrier Assembly - LAT C800/810,INSP 8000/8100
DELMIS35108 71YXY / Palmrest Assy
DELMIS35109 15EEC / Bottom Base Cover
DELMIS35138 378FT / Fan assy for new serverworks board 330NK.
DELMIS35139 09946 / Fan Assembly
DELMIS35344 33NPY / Cover, Right Hinge
DELMIS35374 03DTG / Display Latch With Spring - LAT LS/L400
DELMIS35563 1E202 / Daughtercrd for hdd
DELMIS36352 18NMH / Backplane - 1x6 Backplane PWA
DELMIS36537 306EM / Heatsink (Jaloro L / SFX Chassis )
DELMIS37537 0C475 / Processor Shroud Assembly
DELMIS37648 2720C / Fan Replacement Svc Kit
DELMIS38116 8H180 / Heatsink - IMPROVED For CUMINE CPU Fan Included
DELMIS38588 742RH / Audio I/O Cover (Located On Btm Cvr Assembly
DELMIS40012 6985R / Rear Chassis Fan/Bracket Assembly
DELMIS40297 55HHP / Gigabit NIC - Intel
DELMIS40305 5D576 / Left Hinge Assembly
DELMIS40811 7J038 / Bottom Plastic Housing Assembly - INSP/LAT
DELMIS42515 3G265 / K2652 / IDE Cable
DELMIS42636 7G597 / Heatsink For P4 CPU Fan Included GX240 SFF
DELMIS47785 6N428 / I/O Panel to System Board Cable
DELMIS48438 747JN / PWA MEM 6DIMM PE4600
DELMIS49127 53DHV / Non-Dell Logo HD carrier
DELMIS50711 J0686 / ESM4 Riser Card version 2
DELMIS52619 16DMU / RaidKey I/O PWA (Enables ROMB)
DELMIS54290 8N289 / Drac III/XT Card(ESM4)
DELMIS57914 6Y315 / PCI I/O Board, 4U, Ver 2
DELMIS60894 C4102 / Remote Access Controller Card DRAC3 PCI ESM3
DELMIS60927 4R164 / ASSY,PWA,PDB,I/O,CON,P6600
DELMIS62384 T4444 / Serial/PS2 Add In Card Riser Assembly
DELMIS62645 H1813 / Raid-Key PWA Assembly I/O for Trio - PE2850/1850
DELMIS63694 H3975 / Poweredge 6600 I/O Board 7U V3
DELMOD35323 6F553 / 3COM Mini PCI Modem & Network Combo Card
DELMOD40685 0E828 / Modem, MDC, (1st source)
DELMOD53003 4T426 / Eclipse D480 Mini Pci Modem
DELMOD56601 Y0231 / Latitude D400 56K V2 Internal Modem Card
DELMOU49962 4N433 / SAW34 Logitech 2 Button PS2 Mouse
DELMOU59607 W1668 / Logitech PS/2 Mouse MG
DELNIC58932 P1743 / Riser Card - PE 2650
DELNIC63695 M7656 / Foxconn I/O Card (Inland Revenue)
DELPBD50649 9P318 / System Motherboard, 1.1 Ide Version
DELPLM47038 5X713 / Monarch Palmrest Version 2
DELPLS56607 8W159 / assembly includes the PSU, stand and cable cover
DELPLS61099 2N401 / Rubber Foot x1 - (4 required)

Dell Monitors
DELMON21477 D1025HE / 66052 / 17" D1025HE Monitor - White
DELMON21495 D1028LR / 85270 / 17" D1028LR monitor - White
DELMON21496 828FI / 22795 / 15" 828FI Monitor - White
DELMON26986 279CF / 17" E770 70KHz Philips monitor (TCO '99)
DELMON35228 55XJP / 19" Sony FD Performance monitor PFC (TCO99)
DELMON39924 6D252 / 21" Sony Fd Monitor (midnight Grey P1130)
DELMON45030 7N360 / M992 / 19" Black Dell monitor M992 EMEA
DELMON45599 8D467 / 19" MG FD P992 Sony Monitor Midnight Grey
DELMON47497 7R415 / 17" Samsung E171FP Flat Panel - Midnight Grey
DELMON54705 4Y273 / 1703FPS Monitor - Midnight Grey
DELMON56305 4Y281 / 19" D1901FP Monitor - Midnight Grey
DELMON57815 4Y279 / 17" TFT 1703FPT Midnight Grey
DELMON58413 U2015 / 15" TFT E152FP - MG
DELMON59455 12DRY / 19" MG FD Performance Sony Monitor Midnight Grey
DELMON60546 U4941 / 17" E173FP Flat Panel Monitor - Midnight Grey

Dell PSU's
DELPSU22141 09746 / Power Supply HP-145SS
DELPSU22170 52616 / Power Supply
DELPSU23066 5554T / Power Supply
DELPSU23082 1728P / Power Supply
DELPSU29775 0284T / 330W Redundant Power Supply
DELPSU37759 2065X / 100W Power Supply - Opt GX150
DELPSU44557 1N405 / Power Supply - 180 Watt - 3.3V - Jazz Chassis
DELPSU45074 4E044 / 180W Power Supply
DELPSU45266 45TPH / PSU non-redundant, on sled, single AC mains input
DELPSU46681 1M001 / Power Supply - 730W (Redundant or Non-Redundant)
DELPSU49863 0H694 / 500W Power Supply(Redundant/Non-Redundant)
DELPSU50679 3R160 / 150W Power Supply, External
DELPSU51654 86GNR / Power Supply 1000W PFC Redundant
DELPSU52665 1K626 / 48V DC Power Supply 275 Watt Poweredge 1650
DELPSU55849 R0842 / Powersupply Hipro 210w Pfc
DELPSU56487 P0813 / Power supply(Vesuvius KB Cost Reduced Chassis)
DELPSU59614 259YY / PowerVault 630F/650F Standby Power Supply 800 W
DELPSU60072 R5953 / Power Supply, 160 W, Dual Serial ATA/PFC/HIPRO/TKB
DELPSU60100 H2678 / 250W PFC, PSU, SATA, Delta
DELPSU63035 6118Y / Powervault 224F, 660F 650W Power Supply

Dell System Boards
DELMBD50646 K0710 / Boxter planer board, version 3
DELMBD56524 R2472 / System Board - Opt GX270 SD
DELMBD57344 U1426 / Latest Dagger Motherboard (Vendor is LSI)
DELSBD21853 94227 / System Board - OPT Gs+ with NIC
DELSBD22913 2844T / System Board - LAT CPt V/CPx H
DELSBD26187 8490C / System Board - OPT G1+ with NIC
DELSBD28359 783KV / System Board - LAT CPx J/CPt S
DELSBD31704 8503D / System Board - POWER 6350
DELSBD32496 38MTR / System Board - Optiplex GX115 SFX PIII / Celeron
DELSBD33230 4103D / System Board - GX1
DELSBD33274 49PRY / System Board - Optiplex GX115 SFX PIII / Celeron
DELSBD34757 657XG / Serverworks MotherBoard
DELSBD35556 332TM / System Board - PWRDG 1400-XXX/SC
DELSBD36149 53XWT / System Board - PWRDG 6400/6450
DELSBD36414 0G115 / System Board - Habana Adds post RTS LAT C5/600
DELSBD39448 3E078 / System Board - AC-97 Audio OPTI GX240 SMT/SD/SFF
DELSBD42222 2D662 / System Board - Power 6300/6350
DELSBD45089 5E957 / Motherboard Tualatin only. UK / IRL ONLY
DELSBD45129 6J318 / System Board - Gx50 Mlk
DELSBD47228 1U847 / System Board - PLN 2XCPU P2650 VER2
DELSBD47876 3N384 / System Board - Prestonia Support PREC 530
DELSBD48651 2X378 / System Board - Rainier Foxconn OPTI GX260
DELSBD50114 U0996 / Motherboard - D600
DELSBD51800 3J283 / System Planar Board
DELSBD55189 X1105 / System Board - Opt GX270 SFF
DELSBD55624 U1324 / System Board - Opt GX270 SD
DELSBD55889 2K521 / System Board - Insp 4100
DELSBD56508 F2273 / Motherboard Service Kit
DELSBD57276 J3014 / System Board, Poweredge 1750
DELSBD58818 X1102 / Sys Bd SVC,PLN,1.7GHZ
DELSBD59458 H5511 / System Board Pe 2650
DELSBD60769 H1229 / System Board - Opt SX270
DELSBD61052 G7346 / Gx280 Mother Board
DELSBD61165 9P053 / System Board - Service kit for C840/I8200
DELSBD61239 W8302 / Systemboard & IO Board SVC
DELSBD61569 H8164 / System Board - GX280 SFF Riptide
DELSBD61668 C8916 / System Board - PE2800 (Contains sbd T7916)
DELSBD61835 D7772 / System Board - Opt GX280 SFF
DELSBD61972 H8113 / System Board - Sbd C8306 SVC Kit PE2850
DELSBD62013 U2575 / System Board - 170L A/V/N Voltronic
DELSBD62503 P6127 / System Board - Svc Kit (Sbd H3014) - PE2650/PV775N
DELSBD62709 G8310 / System Board - Riptide - GX280 SD

DELTBU22119 8264P / 12/24Gb Tape Drive (Black)
DELTBU31507 8400E / 35/70Gb Tape Backup Quantum DLT-7000
DELTBU35848 7212T / 20/40G DDS-4 LVD TBU
DELTBU37922 9G767 / 100GB,FH,NN,INT,LTO,110T,V3 Tape Backup
DELTBU37924 4C424 / 40/80GB,DLT1,EXT,V2 Tape Backup
DELTBU41043 241HU / PV 120T, TB, Rack Mount, Whole Unit Replacement
DELTBU42169 1E589 / 40/80G,INT,HH,PV110T,VS80 Tape Backup
DELTBU42406 1E590 / 40/80GB Tape Drive, VS80 (External)
DELTBU42800 2T713 / 40/80G Internal HH PV110T,VS80V2 Tape Backup
DELTBU45370 9151V / 35/70Gb DLT PV130T FH V3
DELTBU46389 82HER / 35/70G EXT FH RACK ALD 7K V2
DELTBU47869 5C941 / 20/40G External Tape Backup, Seagate - Ver. 2
DELTBU54316 4R338 / 100Gb PV 110T Internal Tape Drive, V4
DELTBU56331 T1452 / Internal 40/80GB Tape drive, VS80 V3
DELTBU58269 U1843 / PV110T Internal SDLT320 V2



























Dell Spare Parts Index 3

Wholesale distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

Global Value-Added Distribution of new, used and refurbished computer periphery by a family-owned and operated company since 1979- distributing internationally computer related peripherals on the new, used and refurbished levels. HP, COMPAQ, IBM, CISCO, 3COM, SUN, APPLE, SEAGATE, and other major branded products as well as a MAJOR focus on Mass Storage related drives, media, storage racks, tri-optic barcode labels, libraries, autoloaders, duplicators, jukeboxes, HBA's, JBOD, Raid, SAN, NAS and software solutions.

Representing storage media manufacturers like:
BASF, Canon, DEC, Dysan, Ecrix, Emtec, Exabyte, Fuji, Fujitsu, Graham, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Imation, Iomega, Kodak, Maxell, Maxoptix, Onstream, LMSI, Panasonic, PinnacleMicro, Phillips, Pioneer, Plasmon, Ricoh, Sony, Syquest, TDK, and Verbatim

Dell Spare Parts Index 3

9 to 5 provides cutting edge technologies from drive giants like:
ADIC, Archive, ATL, Benchmark, BreeceHill, Colorado, Compaq, DEC, Ecrix, Exabyte, EZQuest, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Iomega, Irwin, Kodak, Lacie, LMSI, M4 Data, Maynard Maxtor, Maxoptix, Micronet, Mitsubishi, Mountain, OnStream, Olympus, Overland Data, Panasonic, Philips, Pinnacle Micro, Plextor, Quantum, Ricoh, Rimage, Seagate, Smart and Friendly, Sony, Spectralogic, StorageTek, Straightline, Sun, Tandberg, Teac, Tecmar, WangDat, Wangtek, Western Digital, Xcerta, Yamaha

Dell Spare Parts Index 3

Including all major storage platforms such as:
DLT, AIT, LTO, SUPER DLT, Mammoth, Optical, 4MM, 8MM, Magstar, Travan, ", ", Reel-to-reel, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 9840, 9940, JAZ, ZIP, CDR-RW, DVD-R/RAM

And support peripherals, host adaptors, controllers, bridges, routers and enclosures from the leaders in the market with:
Adaptec, ATTO, CI DESIGN, Emulex, GadZoox, Initio, JMR, JNI, Qlogic, Slim

Dell Spare Parts Index 3

Since 1991, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER has been providing such top tier products to corporate data centers, government , VAR's, resellers, OEM's, and wholesalers throughout the entire global marketplace.

Whether you need a Quantum DLT tape drive, tape library, disaster recovery solution, storage media, storage racks, drive repair, backup software or professional consultation regarding your storage solution needs, contact one of our tech sales guys today!!!!

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