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DLT DRIVES, Frequently asked questions
DLT Drives - Frequently Asked Questions
Problem Solution Details
Error: Cleaning Required. Lights on the DLT drive indicate a cleaning is required as does the front panel LCD of the library. The problem could be a drive defect. To determine if the drive is faulty or not, use the following steps: 1) Clean the drive multiple times in succession.
2) Clean the drive multiple times in succession with a new cleaning tape.
3) If the cleaning light goes off but comes back on as soon as media is inserted into the DLT, try different DLT cartridges including new ones. Also use cartridges that work in other DLT drives.
4) If all else fails, replace the drives
The DLT drive requires cleaning from time to time so this can be considered a normal condition unless the cleaning required can not be cleared so that normal operations may proceed.
How can the Firmware on a Breece Hill Library be flashed via SCSI? If the library controller is connected via SCSI to a PC running DOS and ASPI compliant drivers are installed and working properly, running the following command will flash the CPU. "wrbuffer -d *.bin". Note that the the path must be specified correctly and the bin file must be used. This flashes both proms in the cpu so be aware that if this fails, neither prom will have working code. Serial is the preferred and safest method as it flashes the unused prom only. Firmware for the BHT libraries is found at their FTP site which is located at Each firmware is available in ASC as well as BIN format to accommodate flashing via serial or SCSI port. How can controller firmware be flashed on BHT library products via SCSI?
Can't open door while Backup Exec is running. Bring down the backup application, power cycle the library and then open the door. Change the door lock parameter in the application software to activate door lock if desired. Customer is running Veritas Backup Exec version 7.3 and when they try to open the door to insert a tape or tray, the door will not open when key is moved to the open position (9 o'clock). If they bring down the application and power cycle the tape library, then the door will open. It appears there is a solenoid that won't disengage while the application is running.
Drive & Firmware compatibility? Only BHT firmware may be used with BHT DLT drives. Only BHT DLT drives are compatible with BHT libraries. No other firmware works with BHT drives nor can any other drive be used in BHT libraries. Consequently, BHT firmware and drives are not compatible with any other manufacturers DLT drive or library products. BHT drives can not be modified to work in any other product, nor can any other manufacturer's drive be made to work with a BHT library. Drive & Firmware compatibility?
An extra alphanumeric character is displayed when the barcode label is read. In "setup" change the "3 of 9" to "ON" If the 3 of 9 setting is set to off, an extra alphanumeric character is displayed when the barcode label is read. Example: B0001 will be B0001X.
What is the pinout's of the null modem cable needed for remote access? Serial data transfer cable, DB9(female/male) for null modem applications".
9 opeN
What is the pin out's of the null modem cable needed for remote access?
Where do I get the NT drivers for my breecehill unit? The drivers are not provided by Breece Hill. They are provided by the application software you are going to run.
EXAMPLE: If your running Legato they are provided by Legato.
Where do I get the NT drivers for my breecehill unit?
What do I do to "Certify" a Breecehill System that is going to be put under contract? Verify the serial # of the unit
Type of drives
Run diagnostics to verify the equipment is functioning with no errors
Call Breece Hill in Lafayette Colorado at 1-800-953-0550 give information to Tech Support to forward to their Contracts Administrator.
NOTE: BreeceHill provides a "P.O. #" for this service. We verify that the equipment is working properly before activating a Service Agreement.
After loading and bringing up ARCserve, the DLT drive is not shown as a device in the 'Device Management' screen. 1. Go to Control Panel-->Tape Devices

2. Remove the installed native NT tape driver.

3. Restart the server

ARCserve uses drivers written by Cheyenne rather than the NT drivers that are included with NT 4.0; If the NT driver is loaded, the device is not available for ARCserve.
Sun Solaris 2.3, Read Errors with DLT drives. Drive can be written to, but attempts to read from it generate "impl_read_hwmap invalid pte" errors. Edit the st.conf file, and modify the third parameter in the <DLT data> line. It currently reads '0', and should read '1024' instead. The value of 0 defines the block size as variable, which does not work properly. The value of 1024 sets the block size at a fixed 1024 bytes. Refer to Quantum's website ( for initial configuration information mentioned previously. Quantum has information available that details configuration specifics (inserted into the st.conf file) for DLT drives with Solaris 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5. The configuration information sets the device at variable block size, which does not work properly with Solaris 2.3.
The DLT7000 firmware does not allow Windows 2000 Media Services to run properly. The DLT7000 drive must have a firmware revision that is greater than or equal to V40. In the Revision string within Inquiry, the last two digits indicate the drive revision. For example, if the Inquiry Revision is xx28 or greater, this works fine with Media Services. If the last two digits are less than 28 the drive will not function properly. The nature of the problem is that drives with firmware earlier than V40 do not report Mode Sense Header - Medium Type properly for some media.
Error 12 with ARCserve for NT4. ARCserve for NT4 assigns the lowest logical SCSI ID to the drive with the lowest physical SCSI ID address. (ID-3 is assigned to physical element 116/drive A and ID-4 is assigned to physical element 117/drive B.) Drive A must be set to the lower SCSI ID than drive B. Any other configuration will not work properly. ARCserve for Windows NT assigns element address 116 to the lowest SCSI ID of the drives. If drive B has a lower SCSI ID than drive A, ARCserve incorrectly assigns element 116 to the SCSI ID for drive B.
Poor performance/throughput is seen, even on high-end systems using DLT7000s. According to the ARCserve for NT QA deprtment at Cheyenne, the lowest SCSI ID must be the first drive (second lowest SCSI ID should be the second drive, etc...). Any other configuration is not supported and will not work. ARCserve for NT has the ability to read tapes written in MTF (Microsoft Tape Format), among others. While ARCserve correctly identified the tape label, it incorrectly identified the tape's format as 8mm rather than DLT. This forces the 8mm driver to be used, drastically impeding performance.
When scan of SCSI bus is completed, the library or drive is being seen as all ID's. Make sure that no ID's are used twice and it will eliminate this problem. The reason this occurs is because the device that is showing up as all ID's is set to the same SCSI ID as the host adapter.
How do I convert the Legato Networked inquiry string hexadecimal value giving the DLT tape drive firmware to a number that matches Breece Hill's list of downloadable firmware on the ftp website? Either check the list in the Breece Hill training document titled "Q - series Technical Presentation" or just strip off the last two digits of the inquiry string and convert this two-digit hexadecimal number to decimal to get the Breece Hill version number. Compare this number with the versions available on the ftp website EXAMPLE: Legato inquiry string returns "2150". Change last two digits, 50(hex) to decimal (5X16)+0= 80+0=80. This is PSS version 7v80. The "7" stands for the DLT7000 tape drive in this case.
What are the specifications for barcodes on DLT Tapes? The tape cartridge label contains both a human readable and machine-readable section. The machine-readable section is referred to as the barcode section. Barcodes encode text as a series of wide and narrow black bars and white spaces. The bar code must be printed in accordance with the ANSI MH10.8M-1983 specification and other requirements to achieve long, reliable life. The bar code is the industry standard Code 39 (3 of 9). By enabling a self-checking feature called ?checksum?, additional accuracy when decoding barcode is ensured.

DLT DRIVES, Frequently asked questions Wholesale distributors of data storage drives, tape libraries, storage media and archival solutions.

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DLT DRIVES, Frequently asked questions

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DLT DRIVES, Frequently asked questions

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DLT DRIVES, Frequently asked questions Since 1991, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER has been providing such top tier products to corporate data centers, government , VAR's, resellers, OEM's, and wholesalers throughout the entire global marketplace.

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