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Blu-ray Standard

A Safe Investment for the Future:

Blu-ray for Data is set to be the future high capacity archive technology with 25 or 50 GB per medium and a roadmap for 100 GB and 200 GB media capacities. Media are single side with single or multiple recording layers of 25GB capacity.

WORM (BD-R) and Rewriteable (BD-Re) media are sector type with defect management and highly efficient error correction. Blu-ray is 120mm bare media type with hardcoat surface.

Blu-ray drives are read/write compatible with CD/DVD media. Technology standardization is supported through all major drive and media manufacturers as well as the UDF file system.

Blu-ray read/write transfer rates are 9MB/s in the first generation with a roadmap for 18MB/s and 36MB/s.

Blu-ray is the next generation optical disc format for high definition video and high density data storage, the drive and media form factor is identical to the CD/DVD formats. The Blu-ray standard was jointly developed by a group of consumer electronics and PC companies, the Blu-ray Disc Association. Compared to the DVD format the Blu-ray Disc has a 5 times higher density per recording layer. For the initial product release 2 layers are included.

4 and 8 layer versions which equals a max. medium capacity of 200GB are planned.

Blu-ray drives and media are manufactured by major optical storage manufacturers ensuring a competitive multi vendor product offering. The Blu-ray consortium is an open industrial consortium.

Blu-ray Library Technology
For professional archive systems Blu-ray drives and media are used in an automated system which allows random access to large storage capacities. With the 50GB technology the DISC library family has a capacity range from 1TB to 35TB. Data is stored on standard Blu-ray media written in standard UDF format which is compatible with all major operating systems. DISC Blu-ray libraries are read/write compatible with CD- and DVD media.

DISC libraries support offline media management and the smallest footprint per capacity in the industry. Libraries are rack mountable. File systems for DISC libraries support any application and are available with NAS and direct attach (LVD) interface, iSCSI and F/C channel connectivity are further options. The file systems support advanced caching algorithms and media management. DISC libraries provide highly reliable and permanent mass storage. Usage of standardized drive and media technology from major hardware suppliers ensures competitive and long term technology support.

Blu-ray Drive Technology
First generation Blu-ray drives are PC-type and support single- and dual layer media Blu-ray media with 25 and 50GB capacity, they are read/write compatible with CD/DVD technologies. Future drive generations will support 100GB and 200GB Blu-ray media and still CD/DVD. Writeable Blu-ray media are sector based and apply defect
management as well as advanced error correction. Read/Write transfer rate in the first generation Blu-ray drives is 9MB/s (= 2x Blu-ray speed), the road map includes 18MB/s and 36MB/s transfer rates. Media types ROM, R and Re are supported.

DISC Blu-ray Technology
A Safe Investment for the Future Technology
Blu-ray Discs are a major technology break-through for the optical storage environment. Starting in 2006 the 25GB and 50GB media versions are available in write-once and rewritable format.

Besides the high data density, the other major technology step for the Blu-ray media is the hard coating which protects the media surface against scratches and contaminants. The example above shows the Blu-ray media layout for TDK media with the
Durabis hardcoat:

The media roadmap indicates capacity increases to 100GB and 200GB. All capacities are available with single side media. The increase is achieved by an approximately 80% smaller laser spot (compared to DVD) and by adding recording layers of 25GB capacity each with a total of 8 recording layers (for 200GB media). The media roadmap includes support for significant increases in read/write transfer rates up to 36MB/s, a new performance level for optical media.

Blu-ray media provides the opportunity for very economical and secure mass storage with support from all major media vendors. The hard coat media eliminates the cartridge which is needed for other optical technologies. Over all the the Blu-ray technology
implys significant cost advantages.

Advantages of DISC Blu-ray
-Blu-ray by design is hardcoat bare media
-Very high scratch resistance
-Conductive surface
-Reduces dust/contamination adherence
-Liquid repellent
-High temperature/humidity resistance
-Bare media/hardcoat implicates cost reduction
-Bare media allows small footprint drive/library design
-Library is 3x smaller compared to 130 mm cartridge library with same capacity

Blu-ray Disc 25GB 25GB 25GB 25GB
Type Write-Once Write-Once Rewritable Rewritable
Layers Single Double Single Double
Disc Diameter 120mm 120mm 120mm 120mm
Disc Thickness 1.2mm 1.2mm 1.2mm 1.2mm
Laser Wavelength 405nm 405nm 405nm 405nm
Recording Speed 2x(72Mbps) 2x(72Mbps) 2x(72Mbps) 2x(72Mbps)
Hard Coating Durabis 2 Durabis 2 Durabis 2 Durabis 2

Blu-ray Media
The Guarantee for your Data







































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Representing storage media manufacturers like:
BASF, Canon, DEC, Dysan, Ecrix, Emtec, Exabyte, Fuji, Fujitsu, Graham, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Imation, Iomega, Kodak, Maxell, Maxoptix, Onstream, LMSI, Panasonic, PinnacleMicro, Phillips, Pioneer, Plasmon, Ricoh, Sony, Syquest, TDK, and Verbatim


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Including all major storage platforms such as:
DLT, AIT, LTO, SUPER DLT, Mammoth, Optical, 4MM, 8MM, Magstar, Travan, ", ", Reel-to-reel, 3480, 3490, 3570, 3590, 9840, 9940, JAZ, ZIP, CDR-RW, DVD-R/RAM

And support peripherals, host adaptors, controllers, bridges, routers and enclosures from the leaders in the market with:
Adaptec, ATTO, CI DESIGN, Emulex, GadZoox, Initio, JMR, JNI, Qlogic, Slim

What-Is-Blu-Ray-Technology-Standard?, Since 1991, 9 TO 5 COMPUTER has been providing such top tier products to corporate data centers, government , VAR's, resellers, OEM's, and wholesalers throughout the entire global marketplace.

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