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SilkWorm 3200 Entry Fabric Switch
The Brocade SilkWorm 3200 8-port, 1 Gbit/sec and 2 Gbit/sec auto-sensing entry fabric switch simplifies SAN deployment and administration--enabling simple, easy-to-use Storage Area Network (SAN) solutions.
Simplified Deployment and Management
As a single Field-Replaceable Unit (FRU) with options for full-fabric or entry-fabric operation, the SilkWorm 3200 is easy to deploy. When used in dual-fabric SAN environments, it supports the highest levels of availability, reliability and scalability. In addition, the SilkWorm 3200 simplifies administration through embedded Brocade WEB TOOLS management software.
Fast, Reliable 2 Gbit/sec Performance
The SilkWorm 3200 offers the industry's best value proposition in an 8-port 2 Gbit/sec switch designed for entry-level and workgroup SANs. Ideal for small-to-medium-sized businesses that must support mission-critical business applications, the SilkWorm 3200 combines cost-effective high performance with the many advantages of the Brocade Intelligent Fabric Services Architecture.
Excellent Value for a Variety of SAN Environments
Designed for flexibility, the SilkWorm 3200 provides a low-cost switch solution for DAS-to-SAN migration, small SAN islands, NAS back ends, the edge of core-to-edge enterprise SANs, and hub/loop switch replacement.
Investment Protection for Existing Technology
The SilkWorm 3200 offers full backward and forward compatibility with other Brocade SilkWorm switches--providing a seamless migration path to 2 Gbit/sec connectivity and intelligent fabric services. In addition, support for multivendor SAN environments provides much greater flexibility in utilizing existing technology resources in cost-effective, easy-to-manage SAN environments.









SilkWorm 3800 Enterprise Fabric Switch
The Brocade SilkWorm 3800 16-port, auto-sensing Fibre Channel switch significantly increases performance and functionality for Storage Area Networks (SANs). Based on third-generation Brocade ASIC technology, the SilkWorm 3800 combines 1 Gbit/sec and 2 Gbit/sec Fibre Channel throughput with new features that greatly enhance switch operation.
As a result, organizations can enjoy the advantages of higher security, availability, and performance, as well as centralized data management.

High Availability Throughout the Fabric
The SilkWorm 3800 meets high-availability requirements with redundant, hot-pluggable components, automatic path rerouting, and extensive diagnostics. Leveraging the Brocade networking model, the SilkWorm 3800 provides a SAN fabric capable of delivering overall system availability greater than 99.999 percent - the "five nines" of availability.
Brocade Fabric Shortest Path First (FSPF) enables the fabric to automatically isolate problems and reroute traffic around failed links onto alternate paths - ensuring availability for mission-critical enterprise applications.

Industry-Leading Performance
The SilkWorm 3800 provides high performance with all ports capable of operating at 1 and 2 Gbit/sec (full-duplex) to enable 32 Gbit/sec of uncongested switch throughput. Auto sensing and speed matching of 1 and 2 Gbit/sec traffic ensures interoperability between current 1 Gbit/sec devices and next-generation 2 Gbit/sec devices.
To provide even higher performance - as well as simplified management - Brocade ISL Trunking creates an 8 Gbit/sec data path between switches.

Intelligence within the Switch
Wire-speed Frame Filtering enables new capabilities such as hardware-enforced World Wide Name (WWN) zoning for improved security and manageability.
Open SAN Management
The SilkWorm 3800 simplifies management by leveraging the Brocade Fabric OS, an embedded real-time operating system. This approach enables heterogeneous device connectivity, automatic discovery, data routing, and scalable connectivity.
The Brocade Fabric Access API provides critical functions for integrating applications with the SAN environment.










SilkWorm 3900 Enterprise Fabric Switch
The Brocade SilkWorm 3900 32-port, 1 Gbit/sec and 2 Gbit/sec auto-sensing enterprise fabric switch combines the best of Brocade entry-to-enterprise features and functions in a modular, 32-port configuration that offers enterprise scalability, manageability, and high availability at an affordable price.

Modular, Scalable, Affordable:A cost-effective modular switch solution, the SilkWorm 3900 leverages the industry?s only intelligent fabric services architecture to provide high levels of security, management, and performance in a flexible SAN infrastructure designed to evolve with changing SAN requirements. Delivering 32 ports in a 1.5U form factor, the SilkWorm 3900 enables substantial cost savings, reducing capital and operating expenses while simplifying management.

Reliable 2 Gbit/sec Performance:The SilkWorm 3900 provides up to 128 Gbit/sec of aggregated throughput, with 32 ports capable of 2 Gbit/sec full-duplex performance. For even greater performance, organizations can use Brocade ISL Trunking to achieve 8 Gbit/sec throughput. Designed to meet the most demanding business continuance requirements, the SilkWorm 3900 supports a SAN fabric capable of delivering overall system availability greater than 99.999 percent.

Excellent Value for Entry to Enterprise SAN Environments:Designed for flexibility, the SilkWorm 3900 provides a complete solution for a departmental SAN fabric (as a small core) or for an edge switch extending the reach of an enterprise core-to-edge SAN built around the Brocade SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch.

Investment Protection in a Strategic Solution: The SilkWorm 3900 offers full backward and forward compatibility with other Brocade SilkWorm switches--providing a seamless migration path to 2 Gbit/sec connectivity and intelligent fabric services. As a result, it is ideal for organizations that need a strategic solution capable of addressing rapidly changing storage requirements.








SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch
The new Brocade SilkWorm 12000 Core Fabric Switch, available in 64-port and dual 64-port configurations, expands the capabilities of existing fibre channel storage environments and is a highly reliable and intelligent solution for deploying enterprise-class Storage Area Networks (SANs) in mission-critical environments.
Building on the proven Brocade SAN architecture, the Brocade SilkWorm 12000 sets a new industry standard for ultra-high availability, scalability, manageability, and security in the storage environment, enabling customers to scale storage more effectively, support continuous data availability, and reduce the overall cost of storage management.

Ultra-High Availability
Combining a wide array of redundant hardware components and innovative software, the SilkWorm 12000 provides unprecedented ultra-high availability in an enterprise-level switch, meeting enterprise-class "five-nines" availability requirements. As a result, it helps support a strategic SAN infrastructure capable of addressing the most demanding business requirements. Ultra-High availability highlights include:
No single points of failure
Redundant and hot-pluggable components
Environment monitoring
Non-disruptive software upgrades (Hot Code Load)
Dual out-of-band mangement connections
Simplified Manageability

The SilkWorm 12000 simplifies management by networking core and edge switches under Brocade Fabric OS, the embedded operating system.
Centralized management
Heterogeneous device connectivity
Automatic data routing and rerouting
Self-healing ISL Trunking capabilities

Advanced Security
The SilkWorm 12000 supports Brocade Secure Fabric OS, the most comprehensive fabric-based security architecture available. Based on state-of-the-art networking security technology, this architecture addresses a wide variety of vulnerabilities within the SAN fabric.
Enables hardware-enforced zoning by World Wide Name (WWN)
Provides secure Telnet access through SSH Secure Shell
WEB TOOLS operates over a secure browser using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol

The SilkWorm 12000 is fully interoperable with the entire SilkWorm product family, enabling a seamless upgrade path and optimal investment protection. Also, the Brocade Fabric OS shipping with each SilkWorm 12000 has earned FCIA SANmark compliance, verifying that it complies with fibre channel standards and is interoperable with third party solutions.
Extensible, Modular, Bladed Architecture
The SilkWorm 12000 offers an extensible, multiprotocol architecture designed for optimal data reliability in a storage network with support for emerging storage networking technologies.
Provides 1 and 2 Gbit/sec operation
Offers industry leading fibre channel port density with 128 ports in a 14 rack unit enclosure for optimal space utilization and flexibility
Provides core backbone switch capabilities to allow SANs to scale to well over 1,000 ports, providing investment protection and a clear growth plan
Advanced Fabric Services

Brocade Fabric OS is included in the SilkWorm 12000 and provides a wide variety of Advanced Fabric Services that are designed to improve the investment protection, security, performance, scalability, and efficiency of Brocade SAN fabrics including:
Security and Access Control Service
Advanced Performance Monitoring Service
Extended Fabrics Service
Advanced Zoning Service
Inter-Switch Link Trunking Service
QuickLoop/Fabric Assist Service
Fabric Watch Service


AVAILABILITY: 9 TO 5 COMPUTER carries a large inventory of New, Refurbished & Used parts like  B1034-SVC-SW24X7-1 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-1-year-Brocade by Brocade . Most products are shipped on the same day as ordered. You will receive a shipment confirmation once your product has been shipped.

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,   B1034-SVC-SW24X7-1 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-1-year-Brocade

,   B1034-SVC-SW24X7-2 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-2-years-Brocade

,   B1034-SVC-SW24X7-3 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-3-years-Brocade

,   B1036 --SECURITY-SW-PACKAGE,ES-4700-Brocade"

,   B1036-SVC-SW24X7-1 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-1-year-Brocade

,   B1036-SVC-SW24X7-2 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-2-years-Brocade

,   B1036-SVC-SW24X7-3 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-3-years-Brocade

,   B1037 --SECURITY-SW-PACKAGE,ED-6064-Brocade"

,   B1038 --SECURITY-SW-PACKAGE,ED-6140-Brocade"

,   B1038-SVC-SW24X7-1 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-1-year-Brocade

,   B1038-SVC-SW24X7-2 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-2-years-Brocade

,   B1038-SVC-SW24X7-3 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-3-years-Brocade

,   B1042 --ENTERPRISE-OS-SW-PACKAGE,ED-10000-Brocade"

,   B1042-SVC-SW24X7-1 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-1-year-Brocade

,   B1042-SVC-SW24X7-2 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-2-years-Brocade

,   B1042-SVC-SW24X7-3 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-3-years-Brocade

,   B1043 --ENTERPRISE-FICON-SW-PACKAGE,ED-10000-Brocade"

,   B1043-SVC-SW24X7-1 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-1-year-Brocade

,   B1043-SVC-SW24X7-2 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-2-years-Brocade

,   B1043-SVC-SW24X7-3 --24×7-Software-Maintenance---Support-–-3-years-Brocade

,   BR-0100-0001-A --BROCADE-ISCSI-GATEWAY-W--2--FC-4GB-PORTS--2--ISCSI-PORTS--2--SFPS-Brocade

ble-installation-Brocade,   BR-0100-0001-A --Brocade-iSCSI-Gateway,-2X2-iSCSI-FC,-2-SFPs-–-Includes-fixed-rack-mount-kit---adaptor-for-single-or-dou"

res-Country-Kit.-INCLUDES-1-YR.-STD.-SERVICE.-Brocade,   BR-12000-0001-S --64-port-w-HA,-2-CP,-4-PS,-0-SFP,-Rack-Mt-Kit,-Serial-cable,-32-cable-pillars,-New-Ent-SW-Bundle.-Requi"

,   BR-12000-0001-SA --12000-0001PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0001-SB --12000-0001PPSFLBL1-Brocade

equires-Country-Kit.-INCLUDES-1-YR.-STD.-SERVICE.-Brocade,   BR-12000-0002-S --2-x-64-port-w-HA,-2-CP,-4-PS,-0-SFP,-Rack-Mt-Kit,-Serial-cable,-32-cable-pillars,-New-Ent-SW-Bundle.-R"

,   BR-12000-0002-SA --12000-0002PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0002-SB --12000-0002PPSFLBL1-Brocade

",-T--Bundle.-Requires-Country-Kit.-INCLUDES-1-YR.-STD.-SERVICE.-Brocade",   BR-12000-0003-S --32-port-w-HA,-2-CP,-4-PS,-0-SFP,-Rack-Mt-Kit,-Serial-cable,-32-cable-pillars,-New-Ent-SW--AWT,-ADZ,-FW"

,   BR-12000-0003-SA --12000-0003PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0003-SB --12000-0003PPSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0101-S --16-port-FC-switching-blade.-INCLUDES-1-YR.-STD.-SERVICE.-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0101-SA --12000-0101PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0101-SB --12000-0101PPSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0111 --BROCADE-12000-PWR-CORD-2-PWR-COUNTRY-KIT-Brocade

,   BR-12000-0121 --SW12000-Telco-style-mid-mount-rack-mount-kit-Brocade

,   BR-12000-R0111 --12K-24K-48K-COUNTRY-KIT-NORTH-AMERICA-JAPAN-2-PWR-CORDS-Brocade

,   BR-12000-R0112 --12K-24K-48K-COUNTRY-KIT-UK-IRELAND-2-PWR-CORDS-Brocade

,   BR-12000-R0113 --12K-24K-48K-COUNTRY-KIT-CONT-EUROPE-2-PWR-CORDS-Brocade

,   BR-12000-R0114 --12K-24K-48K-COUNTRY-KIT-AUST-NZ-2-PWR-CORDS-Brocade

,   BR-12000-R0115 --12K-24K-48K-COUNTRY-KIT-2-IEC60309-POWER-CORDS-Brocade

,   BR-1200EXF-02 --Extended-Fabrics--EF--Brocade

,   BR-1200FWH-02 --Fabric-Watch-FW--Brocade

,   BR-1200PRF-02 --Advanced-Performance-Monitor--PM--Brocade

,   BR-1200SEC-02 --Secure-Fabric-OS--requires-software-maintenance--Brocade

,   BR-1200TRK-02 --Trunking-T--Brocade

,   BR-200001-01 --WebTools--WT--Brocade

,   BR-200002-01 --Zoning--Z--Brocade

,   BR-200008-01 --QuickLoop--QL--Brocade

,   BR-200016-01 --Full-Fabric-Firmware-Upgrade-for-SilkWorm-2010-Brocade

,   BR-200032-01 --Remote-Switch--RS--Brocade

,   BR-205E-R0001-A --8-Ports,-No-E-port-or-POD-Upgradeability,-8-2Gb-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"


,   BR-20XX-XXXX --20X0P-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-20XX-XXXXM --20X0PP-FLBL1-Brocade


,   BR-210E-R0000-A --8-Ports-,-0-E-Port,-0-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"

,   BR-210E-R0001-A --8-Ports,-0-E-Port,-8-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"


,   BR-220E-R0000-A --8-Ports,-Full-Fabric,-0-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"

,   BR-220E-R0000-A --BROCADE-SILKWORM-220E-8PORT-4GB-FC-1U-RM-1PWR-FF-Brocade

,   BR-220E-R0001-A --8-Ports,-Full-Fabric,-8-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"

,   BR-220E-R0001-A --BROCADE-SILKWORM-220E-8PORT-4GB-FC-1U-RM-1PWR-FF-W--8-SFPS-Brocade

,   BR-228001-01 --Fabric-Watch--FW--Brocade

,   BR-228002-01 --Extended-Fabrics--EF--Brocade

,   BR-228005-01 --Multi-Switch-Firmware-Upgrade-for-SilkWorm-2040-Brocade

,   BR-228006-01 --Full-Fabric-Firmware-Upgrade-for-SilkWorm-2210-Brocade

,   BR-228007-01 --Multi-Switch-Firmware-Upgrade-for-SilkWorm-2240-Brocade

,   BR-228011-01 --Secure-Fabric-OS-Pack-Brocade

,   BR-228011-01A --Secure-Fabric-OS-Pack-Brocade

,   BR-228011-01B --Secure-Fabric-OS-Pack-Brocade

,   BR-228011-01C --Secure-Fabric-OS-Pack,-Silkworm-2400-2800-Brocade"

,   BR-22XX-XXXX --22X0P-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-22XX-XXXXM --22X0PP-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-240E-R0000-A --16-Ports,-Full-Fabric,-0-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"

,   BR-240E-R0000-A --BROCADE-SILKWORM-240E-16PORT-4GB-FC-1U-RM-1PWR-FF-Brocade

,   BR-240E-R0001-A --16-Ports,-Full-Fabric,-16-SFPs-–-Webtools,-Zoning-Software-Brocade"

,   BR-240E-R0001-A --BROCADE-SILKWORM-240E-16PORT-4GB-FC-1U-RM-1PWR-FF-W--16-SFPS-Brocade

,   BR-24XX-XXXX --24X0P-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-24XX-XXXXM --24X0PP-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-264011-01 --Secure-Fabric-OS-Pack,-Silkworm-6400-Brocade"

,   BR-2800-0001 --REMARKETED---16-Port-1-GB-Fibre-Switch-Brocade

,   BR-28XX-XXXX --28X0P-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-28XX-XXXXM --28X0PP-FLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-310-0004-A --310,-8P,-W-O-EPORT,-4Gb-SWL-SFPs-Brocade"

,   BR-310-0004-A --310-8PORT-4GB-W-O-EPORT-SWL-SFP-Brocade

,   BR-320-0004-A --320-8PORT-4GB-FULL-FABRIC-SWL-SFP-Brocade

,   BR-320-0004-A --320,-8P,-FULL-FABRIC,-4Gb-SWL-SFPs-Brocade"

,   BR-3200-0001 --8-Port-Entry-Fabric-SW--1-Fixed-PS,-0-SFP,-Fixed-Rack-Mt-Kit.-AWT-Brocade"

,   BR-3200-0001A --3201PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0001B --3201PPSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0002 --8-Port-Full-Fabric-SW--1-Fixed-PS,-0-SFP,-Fixed-Rack-Mt-Kit.-AWT,-ADZ,-QL-Brocade"

,   BR-3200-0002A --3202PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0002B --3202PPSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0011 --8-Port-Entry-Fabric-SW--1-Fixed-PS,-8-SFP,-Fixed-Rack-Mt-Kit.-AWT-Brocade"

,   BR-3200-0011B --3211PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0011C --3211PPSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0012 --8-Port-Full-Fabric-SW--1-Fixed-PS,-8-SFP,-Fixed-Rack-Mt-Kit.-AWT,-ADZ,-QL-Brocade"

,   BR-3200-0012A --3212PSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-3200-0012B --3212PPSFLBL1-Brocade

,   BR-340-0004-A --340,-16P,-FULL-FABRIC,-4Gb-SWL-SFPs-Brocade"