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************New Product Anouncement:  Areca ARC-4038 8-Bay 12G SAS Expander Storage Enclosure

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The advancement of 12Gb SAS connectivity allows the new ARC-4038 8-Bay SAS Expander JBOD to transfer end-to-end 12Gb/s storage speed between the storage enclosure and the host server when combined with the performance proven Areca ARC-1883X RAID PCIe Controller. Customers can use the new ARC-4038 JBOD to provide an Affordable, scalable, performance driven storage solution that enables customers to expand to the latest 12G storage performance and capacity beyond the server to meet growing data requirements.

The ARC-4038 is based on 12Gb SAS technology and powered by the LSI SAS3x28 12Gb SAS expander controller chip. It can support 3/6/12Gb SAS or 3/6Gb SATA HDDs or SSDs. Each ARC-4038 supports four 12Gb/s SFF-8644 and one 6Gb/s SFF-8088 SAS host and expansion connections. The ARC-4038 also incorporates the latest enhancements in SAS along with new LSI DataBolt bandwidth optimizer technology. LSI DataBolt technology buffers 6Gb/s data and then transfers it out to the host at 12Gb/s speeds in order to match the bandwidth between faster hosts and slower SAS or SATA devices.

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