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Western Digital    Hard Drives

We have thousands of drives ready to ship all interfaces and capacities .

Western Digital Main
Serial ATA Enterprise Serial ATA Mobile Drive
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Caviar High Performance
Caviar Mainstream
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SCSI Legacy Fire Wire

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Western Digital Obsolete  Hard Disk Drives

WD Caviar Drives

WD205AA, 20.5GB EIDE

AC420400, 20.4GB EIDE
WD172AA, 17.2GB EIDE
AC516800, 16.8GB EIDE
AC315300, 15.3GB EIDE
AC514400, 14.4GB EIDE
WD136AA, 13.6GB EIDE
WD135AA, 13.5GB EIDE
AC313000, 13.0GB EIDE

WD102AA, 10.2GB EIDE
AC310200, 10.2GB EIDE
AC210200, 10.2GB EIDE
AC310100, 10.1GB EIDE
WD100AA, 10.0GB EIDE

AC38400, 8.4GB EIDE
AC28400, 8.4GB EIDE
AC28200, 8.2GB EIDE

AC36400, 6.4GB EIDE
AC26400, 6.4GB EIDE
AC26200, 6.2GB EIDE

AC35100, 5.1GB EIDE
AC25100, 5.1GB EIDE

AC34300, 4.3GB EIDE
AC24300, 4.3GB EIDE
AC14300, 4.3GB EIDE
AC34200, 4.2GB EIDE
AC14200, 4.2GB EIDE
AC34000, 4.0GB EIDE

AC33200, 3.2GB EIDE
AC23200, 3.2GB EIDE
AC13200, 3.2GB EIDE
AC33100, 3.1GB EIDE

AC32500, 2.5GB EIDE
AC22500, 2.5GB EIDE
AC12500, 2.5GB EIDE
AC32100, 2.1GB EIDE
AC22100, 2.1GB EIDE
AC12100, 2.1GB EIDE
AC22000, 2.0GB EIDE

AC21700, 1.7GB EIDE
AC31600, 1.6GB EIDE
AC21600, 1.6GB EIDE
AC11600, 1.6GB EIDE
AC31200, 1.2GB EIDE
AC21200, 1.2GB EIDE
AC11200, 1.2GB EIDE
AC31000, 1.0GB EIDE
AC21000, 1.0GB EIDE
AC11000, 1.0GB EIDE

AC2850, 850MB EIDE
AC2700, 730MB EIDE
AC2635, 635MB EIDE
AC2540, 540MB EIDE
AC1425, 425MB EIDE
AC2420, 420MB EIDE
AC1365, 365MB EIDE
AC2340, 340MB EIDE
AC1270, 270MB EIDE
AC2250, 250MB IDE
AC1210, 210MB IDE
AC2200, 200MB IDE
AC2170, 170MB IDE
AC1170, 170MB IDE
AC2120, 120MB IDE
AC280, 80MB IDE
AC160, 60MB IDE
AC140, 40MB IDE

WD273BA, 27.3GB EIDE
WD205BA, 20.5GB EIDE
AC418000, 18.0GB EIDE
WD136BA, 13.6GB EIDE
AC313500, 13.5GB EIDE
WD102BA, 10.2GB EIDE
AC29100, 9.1GB EIDE

Portfolio Hard Drives

D2100, 2.1GB 3.0" format PCMIDE
PhD1400, 1.4GB 3.0" format PCMIDE
PhD1000, 1.0GB 3.0" format PCMIDE

Caviar Lite Drives

WDAL2540, 540MB 2.5" format EIDE
WDAL2200, 200MB 2.5" format EIDE
WDAL2170, 170MB 2.5" format EIDE
WDAL2120, 120MB 2.5" format EIDE
WDAL1100, 100MB 2.5" format EIDE

Tidbit Hard Drives

WDAH280, 80MB 2.5" format IDE
WDAH260, 60MB 2.5" format IDE
WDAB140, 40MB 2.5" format IDE
WDAB130, 30MB 2.5" format IDE

SCSI Hard Drives

WDSC8400, 400MB SCSI
WDSC8320, 320MB SCSI
WDSP4200, 200MB SCSI

AT Hard Drives

WDAP4200, 200MB IDE
WD95048-AD, 40MB IDE
WD93048-AD, 40MB IDE
WD95028-AD, 20MB IDE
WD93028-AD, 20MB IDE
WD95048-A, 40MB IDE
WD93048-A, 40MB IDE
WD95028-A, 20MB IDE
WD93028-A, 20MB IDE
WD95044-A, 40MB IDE
WD93044-A, 40MB IDE
WD95024-A, 20MB IDE
WD93024-A, 20MB IDE

XT Hard Drives

WD93024-X, 20MB IDE
WD95024-X, 20MB IDE
WD93034-X, 30MB IDE
WD95034-X, 30MB IDE
WD93044-X, 40MB IDE
WD95044-X, 40MB IDE
WD93028-X, 20MB IDE
WD95028-X, 20MB IDE
WD93038-X, 30MB IDE
WD95038-X, 30MB IDE
WD93048-X, 40MB IDE
WD95048-X, 40MB IDE

RLL Hard Drives

TM262R, 20MB RLL
TM362R, 20MB RLL
TM264, 40MB RLL
TM364, 40MB RLL
WD344R, 40MB RLL
WD544R, 40MB RLL
WD382R, 20MB RLL
WD582R, 20MB RLL
WD383R, 30MB RLL
WD583R, 30MB RLL
WD384R, 40MB RLL
WD584R, 40MB RLL

MFM Hard Drives

TM262, 20MB MFM
TM362, 20MB MFM


Do you see the drive that you are looking for?  If so please contact us at 800-334-3282 or click here.

If you can't seem to find your drive, please click here?



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